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By Adam Croteau 12 Jan 2016

This amount keeps calling me when i or anyone answers they hang upward. i have had this amount call me three times today and at least once yesterday

By Dean Ravizza 07 Jan 2016

The caller did not leave any message.

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    By Janine Matis 01 Feb 2016

    Adam with a quite heavy Indian accent calling on a quite noisy line purporting to be from talk talks specialized section. well Adam discuss discuss is a communications company so the fact that you are calling from a quite noisy makes me believe that something isn't rather kosher here. told Adam i am not with talk discuss and am with BTU. he replied that discuss talk amp BTU are the same company wrong the i told him that i had made a error i was really with virgin and afterward he began shouting at me for vesting his time. really Adam it is you who is wasting my time


    By Dana Encardone 25 May 2016

    knew my name and told me they were from a government linked department. told me i had unsecured debts i didn't know around. definitely a scam


    By Jack Stidham 17 Jun 2016



    By Lucas Schultze 07 Apr 2016

    British gas saying i lately completed a survey no thought and desired me to change. as shortly as i said i was inside a reconditioned duration tariff with someone else they hung upwards. call me again this morning but i didn't reply it


    By Brett Heaton 21 Jun 2016



    By Pamela Kaye 25 Apr 2016

    call from a guy saying my BTU web was to be shut down and it would be away for days a BTU net engineer would call with a new hub and IPA address. wanted to access my computer.BR inquired him for his telephone amount and said i would ring him back rang BTU they said nothing incorrect with net and they would look into it.BR BR obviously a scam


    By Deborah Turnipseed 14 Jun 2016

    called during the day. may you help identify


    By DORIS BUCKEY 20 Mar 2016

    needed to know who owns this amount.


    By Lori Faulls 16 Jun 2016

    many calls from telephone if i answer it is lime me calling ...


    By Chapman Cherry 28 Mar 2016

    named my cellphone which i never use so i dint understand how they got the amount left no MSG.

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