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By Abdullah Sidiqyar 31 May 2016

Silent call.

By Iziegbe Aikhuele 06 May 2016

The caller did not leave a message.

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    By Basilides Fermin 11 Jun 2016

    rang times subsequently hung up


    By Richard Caneschi 24 Jun 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Amy Nevins 15 Jun 2016

    called me and said hey babe


    By Brent Zehm 11 Mar 2016

    got a call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Adam Hendren 01 Jul 2016

    received call on mobile rang them back spoof accident assert company


    By Cindy Seckinger 19 Jun 2016

    called twice today didn't recognize the amount so didn't decide upward. no message left.


    By Ben Rosch 17 Jun 2016

    this is the long running computer virus scam. the people who phone no matter what they say aren't from either Microsoft nor its partners as neither of these would telephone. basically everything they say is a lie with thee one aim of becoming remote accessibility to your computer. they know nothing around the computer. they dint understand your USP or your IPA address inside fact they dint know what variant if any of windows you are using. they even phone mac users offering to fix their windows faults if they get access to your computer they will install to steal private tips enjoy bank details and passwords. sometimes they inquire for money to fix the nonexistent faults but just after they have gained accessibility. this is because they understand most folks will refuse to pay and finish the call. unfortunately by then the damage has been done. there's a warning about this scam on the Microsoft web site and it's featured on several TV consumer program mes over the last couple of years.


    By Callie Vanlangen 03 May 2016

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    By Joe Ware 27 Apr 2016

    no voice mail was left.


    By Cirilo Nieves 02 Apr 2016

    scam cal er but twice a day every day

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