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By Jason Kora 20 Feb 2016

These scam artists are now calling with a BTU Sims message from a cellular telephone amount asking you to press to hear the message don't be fooled you will subsequently be connected to which will charge you a premium rate

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    By William Usery 11 Jul 2016

    i answered and the caller disconnected.


    By Jeremy Pucci 05 May 2016

    these people are always updating a free listing. they call or times a day and every time i tell them I'm not interested they keep telling me that they will call me again. I'm really annoyed.


    By Richard Eisenhut 16 Apr 2016

    normal sort of thing....i reply the phone and no ones there. i get an awful lot of nuisance calls from numbers ...i guess they re all from the same source.BR most of them try to sell me loans...an obvious scam which i discount....i cant picture any ones actually stupid enough to fall for it. exactly why can they annoyance...BR a business called blue triangle technology has been mentioned in connection with another caller that i get though i have no means of verifying this.


    By Rick Bagnoche 18 May 2016

    i can no this no


    By Ameerah Withers 18 Apr 2016

    replied and didn't say anything


    By Allen Mccolm 31 Mar 2016

    how are you


    By Brian Bengies 28 Jun 2016

    this business claim to be Microsoft


    By Machelle Cypret 13 Mar 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By ALISIA KELLNER 08 Mar 2016

    not sure who this is but knows my name. she wants access to my faulty computer


    By L Stubbs 22 Jun 2016

    got a call on my mobile from this number local to when i replied the line cleared i called and found outside it was rat legal guidance small Bela Bela there address is inside Omsk Lancashire l Jay n o t local to me.BR i was informed that for further tips go to their site which i ha vent been to.BR BR not sure how much my return call has cost me.BR i have never had any dealing with this business before.BR BR could it be not illegal to falsely give outside a bogus phone amount

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