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By Jennifer Consacro 10 Jun 2016

Called may the i.d. showed unavailable so didn't pick upward. went to leave a message and they hung upward.

By Khaliah Payne 25 May 2016

I'm receiving daily text messages from this number as though from a friend with messages enjoy hay how are you x threes always an x at the end.BR BR the messages were initially being sent during the day on most weekdays but now I'm also becoming them late at nighttime and early morning at the weekend. I have had two missed calls from the amount too.BR BR this has been happening for the last month or so and i ha vent been replying.

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    By David Mooar 01 Apr 2016

    Asian caller ask for me by name states i have debt that needs to be cleared asap .i simply hung up and blocked further class.


    By Harold Leo 05 Jun 2016

    i ignored the call.


    By Pennie Trumbull 19 Jun 2016

    hi tony one of your other scampers has been attempting to reach you at among our work lines. possibly you may tell your operators that your average Aussie does not trust retards who call to request to speak to our now former pm on a line inside a distinct state from where he lives works


    By Hillary Paine 08 Mar 2016

    desired to know who owns this telephone number.


    By Ellen Marchiella 30 Apr 2016

    dent understand this number


    By Kirsten Quinn 02 May 2016

    had two missed calls from this amount. named amount back both times and heard message you have dial led an wrong number check and dial again. i dint comprehend how the telephone system enables bogus numbers to be sent.


    By Juton Harris 20 Feb 2016

    VA Roeg forums dacha IMO putted Trimurti coddle PE ac est nu mar


    By Stanley Gostynski 03 Jul 2016

    my telephone rings most mornings at around . i response it but put the phone down instantaneously when there is no one on the other end. however i can a and i am requested to return the call of class i dint but i would be keen to understand who it's.


    By Andrew Golz 25 May 2016

    received a call from on at am the CAM read as unavailable. the call was mechanically blocked by my phone tray applications so i have no other details that i will report.


    By Ralph Bowen 14 Apr 2016

    who is this

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