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By Liza van Zyl 12 Jan 2017

Number belongs to Appliance Surgeon.

By steph sammon 27 Feb 2016

Not sure what amount it is that's all as they dint leave a message

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    By Danny Neale 17 Feb 2016

    merely had a call from this number. it was an Indian sounding chap. a typical scam telephone call claiming that i had a virus on my computer. i securely but politely said go away this is a scam and afterward put the telephone down. five seconds later the telephone rang again showing the same phone amount. this time i was asked if i was actually inside front of my computer and i repeated my first message. i was subsequently told that it was very rude to put the telephone down on him i place the telephone down again five seconds after the phone rang again. this time i was subject to a torrent of abuse a fag ct ah ole and many more. not had that before idea from me dint answer.


    By Judith Pim 26 Jun 2016

    who is this


    By Akioka Casey 20 Jun 2016

    got a call from this amount. no message left.


    By Jim Imes 23 Apr 2016

    Stephen and Pauline telling me i have won Gk and to provide bank account and to get a fund certificate form


    By Cherica Carpenter 09 Jul 2016

    rang once and left a message about a survey. believe they needed to speak to a female. have rung more times since.


    By Mihir Desai 21 May 2016

    repeated calls


    By Belmonte Jayne 15 Apr 2016

    who owns this number


    By Janet Clancy 15 Apr 2016

    this was a call from in India. i was offered a good cope on a new phone and tariff which sounded actually good. when it came to agreeing the new contract i was told that it had sold out and i could have the same cope for a month more or a lesser phone for the same price. to me this was a scam to suck you inside then get more money. i terminated the call


    By Melanie Rosenberry 10 Jul 2016



    By W Douberly 25 May 2016

    I'm getting calls from this number.

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