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By Brien Howard 26 May 2016

These Muppet's have simply called me funny that since i am taking them and another finance company they have acted for to small claims court shortly. thinks they might have received my letterer these Muppet's bank on an you the general public not to know your rights and let them bully individuals into paying for debts that might not in fact be true debts. they despise questions so attempt a few and see what you could dig out.BR BR i did and its paying off to the amount of k

By David Listemaa 29 Apr 2016

Named and hung upward when i replied.

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    By Theuninck Ricky 25 May 2016

    calls multiple times per day.


    By Mariama Ziegler 20 Jun 2016

    i was within the room doing some errands when you called and have not noticed my telephone rung. i trust you call again. thanks


    By Cynthia Salcido 01 Jun 2016

    he res the links for the folks behind this sycamore BR a .Facebook.comradely.disturb BR a .Facebook.Jonathon.a.Nirenberg BR


    By Michael Mcluty 19 May 2016



    By Laura Mcaloon 02 Mar 2016



    By Tia Welker 13 Jun 2016

    involving upgrading of credit card.. looks enjoy a fake call when i assessed with xcii customer care


    By Kimberly J arzamarski 06 Jan 2016

    i actually cant response that but the remarks i did read where an eye opener.


    By Naomi Wiser 19 May 2016

    re a bag lost by monarch airlines Chadwick


    By Skip Talsania 10 Feb 2016

    this person with hefty Asian emphasis says she is with general electric promotional section and that i will upgrade my DAT wall pad for free. the name that came across for caller id was id. when i asked what her telephone number and id was so i may call her back said mama i only named you why can you desire to call me back. i said i want to verify that you work for this business. she kept beating about the bush afterward patched me through to her guessed manager which sounded exactly enjoy the lady i first spoke to. when i inquired for her phone amount and id so i could verify that she works or this so called company she hung upwards on me. i named DAT and they assured me that these people are scampers. i knew it was simply by the manner she could not pronounce my name. i attempted to call the number but it was not a working number.


    By Shelia Escobar 08 Jun 2016

    did the same thing. it worked. thank you because nobody was answering the given telephone amount.

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