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By LAURA SAJESKI 20 Apr 2016

Multiple calls from this number.

By Carolyn J scott 01 Apr 2016

So your conclusion is that he was a nuisance caller but not a scummier does that make it any better granting to Google alliance promotion are within petrol sales. there's nothing of that name registered with the fiscal run authority's financial services register.

By Desirae Holloway 14 Feb 2016

As way as i am concerned if the call from a number i dint recognize cant be bothered to ring long enough for me to answer or leave a message afterward it cant be important but they are merely wasting their money hope

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    By Renato Tolu 03 Jun 2016

    response and no one speaks . i think it's a test to see it's answered and afterward one is bombarded with some scam or another.


    By Ricke Jeffrey 26 May 2016

    if this is a scam it is still going on years after.i received a telephone call from a young man who claimed that his company was responsible for getting my company place on the Google mapping system.he said i had taken outside an arrangement with them on Th may to pay for this service. i said i definitely did not recall this keep cautious records for tax purposes and this rang no bells.he said that i should look at my records definitely had.when i persisted inside saying i had not done this saying it was the type of matter i would not have done he said that if i did not renew with him my Google map entry would be deleted from the map and customers would not be able to locate my business.i did not renew as i did not think any of this was likely to be true.i subsequently phoned back and inquired who had called. i was told by the same young man it was link promotions. i inquired if they were a subsidiary of Google. he said no they were a search engine optimizing business. you may Google and find this business so i dint know if the caller is genuinely from that company or not.some of you estimate the phone number. mine was a bit different but obviously from the same area .i have contacted the fraud line and i consider they will refer this to the police. what exactly is shocking is that if this is a scam it's still going powerful four years after.


    By Mable Wearing 19 Jun 2016

    there saying there a policeman with the IRS and my SS is blacklist and call him asap or ill b arrested


    By Dshb Wheeling 02 Apr 2016

    bought one DEC. advertising to send back on forth go inside back snap


    By Charlette Bryan 01 Jun 2016

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    By Kerry Wildt 04 Jun 2016

    this amount has called my residence several times.


    By Steve Darr 17 Mar 2016

    got three calls from this number telling me they were the i r s i owed them money and they would sue me if i did not pay them


    By danumego amanfo 17 Apr 2016

    dint recognize the number


    By M eileen Frey 23 May 2016

    Asian chap insisting that i owe cash some debt guidance agency. pretty certain he named again off of and gave me the same spiel. absolute knob bag of a Muppet for ringing again


    By John paul Brashers 04 Jul 2016

    got a call

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