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By Tyronna Winn 02 Jul 2016

Who are these morons whats their purpose and do i cease receiving their nuisance calls

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    By Kenneth Oberhelman 28 Mar 2016

    its become amount ion my list of ignores


    By Jill Ashline 20 Jun 2016

    received call from . no one on telephone


    By Danita Heiter 04 Jun 2016

    no one spoke when i answered who can these people believe they're.not speaking and they rang me


    By Barbara Puff 07 Jul 2016

    response and no one speaks . i believe it's a test to see it's replied and then one is bombarded with some scam or another.


    By Lois Murakami 18 Jun 2016

    this Belgium number


    By Mark Todhunter 16 Jun 2016



    By Kimberly Priest 01 Apr 2016

    received phone call. did not response.


    By April Mccartney 06 Jun 2016

    this man is nothing but a stalker he is rude not even Australian people need to be quite attentive of this man he is a liar and thinks he is better than everyone else i may tell you he is the scum of the ground don't trust him.


    By Paul c Holmes 06 Apr 2016

    this sequence of apparently fundamental London numbers has never been issued for use so its a scam invariably based abroad so threes nothing taps being ex d or of com may would around it. dint waste time blocking as amount continually changes last digits. only blow off. or better still answer amp love winding up Natasha or whatever else fictitious name shes using


    By Bede Aboh 08 Jul 2016

    afterward why have you put the number within as attempt putting within the right amount and see anyone has reported it.

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