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By Colin England 29 May 2016

Got a disconnected call when answered

By Katalin Domokos 08 Jan 2016

Named me times in a row they hang up on first ring. its odd because threes more than some numbers needed

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    By Shaymya Singletary 21 Mar 2016

    i never answer calls with these non existent telephone s. they're designed to defeat most call blockers and challenging to report on some sites enjoy notes. therefore they are guaranteed scampers


    By Gigante Buchanan 27 May 2016

    go and play like good person outside


    By Anthony Meola 27 Jun 2016

    wanted me to go to western union to decide upwards . of which i was guessed to use . to purchase gift card and the remainder was my give.BR scam.BR grants aren't randomly awarded you. have to apply. additionally they dint ask for bank or credit card info.


    By Gfays sn Gkajuis 25 Jan 2016

    who is this


    By Penny Garnette 13 May 2016

    if i dint response no message. when i answered some one said is this Paula McDonald i yes who is taxis amp they hung upward. cant callback


    By marleneterese sbcglobal.net Marlene 27 Jun 2016

    told me they were from citizens guidance department and had my file... wanted to discuss the debt that i was struggling with. complete scampers.


    By franck junior voltaire 06 Apr 2016

    who are this company


    By Kerleen Blaise eley 02 Jul 2016

    if you Google the number there are fairly a few mentions of it and of Maracaibo caravans that might help you.


    By Jaime Lombardo 28 Apr 2016

    France cf. a .arthropod. ... AA


    By Melanie Orme 02 Mar 2016

    i answer they hang upward.

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