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By E Creedon Tamara 21 Jun 2016

Said i saw a David Williams or Dave at crouton job center Sept . i said i dint understand him she said no but he saw you there are you still signing on or working told her i dint indication on she inquired had i before i said yrs past. she said shes concerned as i am on their records that i saw David last year. i likely did the wrong thing but told her i got a brain harm so forget..but i promise a benefit but dint indication on she subsequently said oh OK sorry i will add that to our system so no one else contacts you she did say my name correctly. i cant remember what business she said she was from something like careers community

By Pat Contreras 15 Jun 2016

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    By Mike Bam 29 Apr 2016

    received a call on the at ..BR couldn't the caller talking and they hung upwards.BR they ha vent called back since.BR I have named the amount times now and am left on hold with the usual your call is important to us line afterward after Min's a female express simply says goodbye and the system mechanically hangs upwards.BR i suppose that my call isn't significant to whomever I am trying to return the call to.


    By Jean Gurkas 07 Jan 2016

    they called a small after midnight here we were already in bed and had the ringers off so we didn't talk to them.


    By Dmitry Rybakov 27 May 2016

    puzzled around your question mark. does it mean you dint understand if you had a call from that number or that you could not be bothered to ask what you wanted to understand inside any case if you could create the attempt to put your query into Google the response will be right at the top. exactly why place something on the newsgroup that you might so readily find for yourself


    By Monica Lloren 21 May 2016

    appears as a missed call on my phone at work.


    By Tina Summerall 05 Jul 2016

    striving to locate outside who calls from this telephone amount.


    By Carol Menard 25 Jun 2016

    me too this is damned annoying.i am know saving these nuisance numbers as discount on caller display. buts its really time something was done to quit it


    By PAMELA DREW 31 May 2016

    got a call from this number today. Al's twice as the same amount without the . never left a message and didn't have an region code which is really unusual. any idea


    By Doherty O 16 Jan 2016

    its a loan business called safety net credit


    By Douglas Buell 19 Jun 2016

    received a telephone call from this number. the caller did not leave any message.


    By Edward Pascal 10 May 2016

    WHO use this number

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