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By Eyling Ahaberstroh 04 Mar 2016

He irritate me

By Carmelita Mcfadden 10 Jan 2016

Late night call i dint understand who sent it

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    By Cole Schlosser 21 Mar 2016

    no message left


    By English Craig 12 Jul 2016

    the name now is prime solutions. and yer the company is a scam selling ludicrously overpriced hoover cleaners. the service engineer place that the above chap mentioned is additionally a sales part. the idea is you pull this Kirby apart takes minutes and all you need is a screw motorist dust it subsequently try and upward sell some belts or fans at a piece.BR BR i was there for around a week and at no point did i see a contract or have anyone take my bank details so yer stay away if you'd enjoy some dignity outside of a job


    By Anthony Anton 10 Jul 2016

    received a quiet call from this amount.


    By Juliana Chisholm 11 May 2016

    no messages


    By Renee Stephenson 16 Jan 2016

    selling funeral plans


    By Asf asd Sa 06 May 2016

    its American express financial difficulties section who contact you if you fail to make payments on charge cards


    By Aaron Lincecum 25 Jun 2016

    prank calls


    By Lancaster Barbara 01 Jun 2016

    this morning i received a email and i opened the link to a ..coma i was told that i will instantly earn money by doing as told i have heard near my place that by doing surveys you may earn cash considering that i continued and i was asked for my cell amount once submitted there was a page where it told me that i already earned dollars and i should entire my bank detail i favored exiting the web site as i didn't want to continue ever since i have been getting calls from an unknown number and now the last call was from this number i believe it's this site folks who are troubling individuals this is a scam for a particular reason Pl get to the root of it Cox when i call back it says that this number does not exist


    By Daniel Kimbro 29 Jun 2016

    didn't response didn't recognize the number


    By Juan Comas 01 Jul 2016

    who is this

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