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By Shea Gilbert 30 Jan 2016

Named me on my cellphone. no message left.

By Paulina Shelkova 27 Jan 2016

I received a call from that about a half an hour ago. the caller id said Washington it was my husband calling me collect. we live in Florida and he was only hours away...

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    By Essie Moses 16 Mar 2016

    who keeps ringing never a message


    By Nick Cormier 22 May 2016

    numerous call from this number. claims to be talk talk


    By Yurileth Young 18 May 2016

    this is a time waster


    By Mckinley Mcdaniels 26 Apr 2016

    long quiet call for seconds subsequently recorded female voice said goodbye after which they hung upward.


    By Edith Rosario 31 Mar 2016

    didn't recognize the number so cancelled the call straight away. based on what i may find online this amount is from a call centre now on benefit of thwarts wine. i have not purchased anything from them in years and dint intend to any time soon but here they are again striving to drum upwards company from former customers.


    By Easter Thompson 01 Mar 2016

    called and didn't leave a message


    By Douglas Wen 17 Feb 2016

    its talcum


    By Jason Doeman 18 May 2016

    no notion who this could be called times now and I've hung upwards each time


    By Barney Coleman 29 May 2016

    hey Mary i picked up when they named again just now and eventually someone answered me. i consider this some kinda of scam. they claimed they were doing some health survey for senior something. they inquired me around questions. one was would u have diabetes the second was are you mobility challenged the third was would u have hearing problems the fourth was can u use cat haters and i cant recall the other one. the individual speaking sounded like they were Indian or Muslim or something. iv Delta with this before they try and sound Indian but if u listen close enough they're not they have a Jamaican accent. i consider they're from Jamaica because a lot scams come from there. i answered all the questions holding back my fury with a no. after the last question he promptly got off the phone. i did at first become irate with the man and told him i felt the questions he was asking were private but for the benefit of him to stop calling me i answered them. I'm guessing that if i had answered yes to one of those questions he would have offered me some kind of astounding cope and by the finish of the phone call he would have told me to send some kinda of money gram or money order. I'm actually interested in knowing what he would have said if i replied yes. so if someone reads this before they discuss to the scummier u should help slow them down by playing along with the scam. when i was being scammed by Jamaicans last year i nearly lost . i was really standing in the cash gram line with my cash in hand. a pure give away that it is a scam is if they tell you not to tell anyone because what u can with Ur money is your business. i wasn't going to tell the money gram individuals but i did only to be safe. they told me it was probably a scam and as much as i needed to ignore their input because the scummier said i won . million i didn't. so i left with my dollars and I am happy i did. i subsequently named the scummier back and told them that the individuals at money gram advised me not to send the money. after i told them this they got an approach with me and really raised their voice yelling why did u tell them i told u not to from that point i decided to waste more of the scampers time by playing a long and acting dumb. i afterward told them id send the cash and call them back. i rushed house and looked upwards how many digits are in a cash gram confirmation amount there are . i afterward decided random numbers and called them back. as soon as i was done telling them i sent the cash their accent altered to Jamaican. they then inquired for the conformation number which i provided random digits. after i gave them a amount they told me they would affirm this and call me back inside Min's this is where they take Ur money and run never calling back. without a uncertainty they called me back saying they could not confirm the number. i subsequently told them the same amount again. i suppose the amount didn't show them what they were searching for and they then asked me to affirm the address i sent the money gram to. now came the enjoyment part after them having invested over hours trying to scam me i afterward repeated the address they gave me with a little difference. for example they told me the address was large tree Dr and when they asked me to confirm the address i told them i sent it to enormous tree Dr since and kinda rhyme. when i told them this there was a brief silence and with a grin on my face they began to shout and cry. i cant clarify how humorous it was to hear the anger and confusion within their express really priceless nothing could anger a scummier more afterward for them to have wasted a big amount of time on scamming someone finally convincing that person to send their money and then having to find out after all their hard work scamming this person the sent it to the wrong address hardhat that's the greatest imagine how they felt Lola they eventually scammed someone into sending money and that man sent it to their neighbor although my dreams of winning . million were lost it was worth the time and attempt fighting back hope my narrative helps someone hang onto their hard earned cash and i also trust my story has motivated those being scammed to scam back waste their time for wasting yours beat their dreams enjoy their lies have crushed ours


    By Nichol Seda 26 Mar 2016

    never knew this amount before

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