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By Stacy Layne 19 Jan 2016

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    By Sandy Weder 13 Feb 2016

    no one spoke.


    By Lois Lee 01 Mar 2016

    it was a call from the humane society. something around their outreach effort.


    By Ed Brister 29 Mar 2016

    named me on and again yesterday first call i answered and they said i had won of high road vouchers second call i merely cancelled.


    By Fortune Weiss 06 Mar 2016



    By Jeraldine Dean 01 Mar 2016

    saying I have been writing bad checks i owe allied cash progress they re going to freeze my license and take me to jail


    By Kenneth Kennard 23 May 2016

    ankh LP zip Chou Chou


    By Kelly Sinsel 27 Feb 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Demarious Sims 20 May 2016

    call around the car accident they named twice.


    By Tracy Brunzel 01 Jul 2016

    what's this bloody nuisance help


    By JACKIE FREIBURGER 05 Jul 2016

    this is a valid number. after receiving calls from this amount i also named and got through to stander Liverpool accents. they did security checks and afterward place me through to their security team. more security checks and they subsequently listed my most recent transactions. turns outside my account had been put on hold pending these checks so i would strongly guide giving them a call. they advised that they're making a lot of these typical checks at the moment because of the high rate of fraudulent online action. dint ignore or you could find your card refused the next time you attempt to use it.

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