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By Michelle Semerod 01 Feb 2016

I have gone a call for the last hours every to seconds as am writing this i have gone calls from this pain the end number

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    By H Berning 19 Jun 2016

    i got call from this number i desire to understand it


    By Kathleen Trentadue 29 Mar 2016

    rude and pushy. wanted me to claim back thousands of pounds on any monetary agreements I've made around the last years. when advised i wasn't interested they continued on. and on. turned into a heated argument after i was sick of repeating myself.


    By Becki Ruhbusch 14 Apr 2016

    they're calling me every day and night I am not picking upward any more but still it goes on. quite a few times they have woken the infant simply after i have got her to sleep they re really irritating me now


    By Jill Goodale 29 Feb 2016

    left no message


    By Russ Madaus 09 May 2016

    called said he was from whit church town council and was calling about an injury within the last years. hung up when challenged


    By Susan Anne falter 16 May 2016

    i need know who call me


    By Cara Delsesto 06 Jan 2016

    hefty respiration


    By DREW CHAPMN 23 May 2016

    no message left.


    By Alena Trolinger 19 May 2016

    every body knows it's the policy of Pakistanis to give economical torture to Indians by giving lucrative offers and subsequently run away with the cash. it has been a well known fact by now. and it is specially at the borders of India and Pakistan. the army men who are posted at the edge are linked through their high profile mechanism and they touch the location of the army men. the honey trap money snare drugs trap arms trap have become a common attribute of our Indians. that is what the Pakistanis want to bother our country. they cannot run the extremists activities due to our strict vigilant agencies and public. this is the latest wrong doing by the Pakistan ISO agents. Te common Indian falls inside their snare and when everything is ruined we come to know it's the wok of Pakistani. i consider it's our negligence. our borders are really well guarded and water and air too. the latest work is they are spreading the panic through the waves of the air. the intelligent agencies should understand that. even a UN educated women says why these folks could contact us directly. such calls should be verified first and they should be allowed o enter our mobiles with our permission.the just the economical crimes as done by Pakistanis will be stopped. it's high time now. e should can something. there is no India who is untouched by these cuber criminals. when everybody knows that Pakistan is a nursery of breeding extremism and cuber criminals we should be more alert.


    By Misty Sumpter 04 Jul 2016

    I am afraid to report that my mother elderly and vulnerable fell for this one. she was cold named and let the salesman into her home. BR BR she did not need her carpets cleaned but she ended up paying over for a job that should have cost no more than i just got a estimate from a really great local business. BR BR and of course combined cleaning services left no written details no papers no business leaflet no invoice nothing to hint Thimbu BR worse still was that combined cleaning services split chemicals on the communal carpet outside my mothers front door leaving a large smelly stain. and despite two return visits they have been unable to remove the stain. BR BR astounding a carpeting cleaning company that cannot clear upwards its own Mesabi BR they're now unwilling to take any further action Dave the customer care supervisor just cancelled his see to meet me saying he was far overly busy and it was too way to drive and i would have to create another appointment BR and since my mother lives within sheltered accommodation I have now got the management business on my back to mend the damaged carpet.BR BR so for an first assure of a . carpeting clean this will end upwards costing many hundreds of pounds and causing a lot of work and pain for many folks BR my advice to you all is to stay well clear of combined cleaning services in win ton Bournemouth they manage out of several distinct residential addresses and use distinct phone numbers

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