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By Machiko Gerken 25 Feb 2016

Received a call this morning.

By Chris Rogerson 06 Feb 2016

Any ideas who calls from this number

By Dukens P. Maitre 03 Jan 2016

It's an overseas amount what else would you anticipate ..BR BR gee

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    By Jennie Roper 02 Mar 2016

    nuisance call with a recorded message about free government boilers being read out by a bloke who seems a little too excited for his own good. quite funny as it asks you to press a amount to either speak to someone or be removed from their list.


    By Judith Langholtz 15 Jun 2016

    also keep becoming calls from nationwide electrical security amount withheld a right pain i am on the taps list and they simply blow off it.


    By Luann Buechler 06 Mar 2016

    from where dis no.


    By Laura Podolski 30 May 2016

    caller gave his name Ronald knight. said he was from a wealth direction business and needed to discuss some shares which i own.


    By Kendra Goebel 03 Jul 2016

    will be very interested inside how BTU responds to your complaint.


    By Htes Rellim 28 Jun 2016

    hang up


    By Jerry Allan 17 Apr 2016

    called Sunday . lunch time. no message merely beeping


    By Tammy Tunender 06 May 2016

    i received a call today asking if i want ted to Spenser a produce inside Pakistan and they knew my total name and where persistent for a gift and credit card number i have just blacklisted them i dint believe it was a authentic call at all.threes no manner i would give outside info to anyone over a telephone or a charity i am not completely familiar with if i want too donate i would it on my own. never give your credit card details outside we located outside the hard way luckily the banks contacted us telling us it was a scam and they altered our card


    By Hu Jo 20 Feb 2016

    there are no numbers a .telephone codes.infected caller identity is now so frequently fake that I'm sure you you made no mistake there. there might be no more reports.


    By Begin Scarseth 16 Apr 2016

    pals find it

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