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By Margaret V Lapoint 15 Jan 2016

Dint understand who named me

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    By Donald Passarella 05 Jun 2016

    call from stating i would receive a free computer they coached me what to say to the next person not very great English turns out that its for a higher instruction more faculty online classes and they assured me it would not price me anything they had my address email address and name. scary that people calling you has all your information you didn't give them.


    By Ladon Smith 20 May 2016

    got a unusual call from this unknown caller a man asking for my husband by name our house phone is listed within my name just my husband answered the telephone and stated it was he the caller inquired if he knew of a couple and named them by first and last name and that he is striving to locate them the couple he is looking for happens to be my husbands ex wife and her husband my husband and she have been divorced since and she has her new husbands last name since . when my husband explained he had no idea how you can contact her and asked why he was calling the caller hung upwards. what the he


    By Samantha Terrien 10 Jan 2016

    unknown number. rolled them to vim. blocked marked as spam.


    By John Althaus 04 Jun 2016

    use my unfamiliar name


    By Shaqula Robinson 28 Jun 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Juslyina Sandbergen 10 Jun 2016

    bogus caller claiming to be from discuss discuss though again.


    By Marge Harold 14 May 2016

    this is an annoying call.no one on other finish balance on mobile goes down.


    By Jim Brusso 24 Jun 2016

    this caller sounded really much from the UK and when i asked she said she was calling from India but afterward she said the business was registered in London. she was going on about my credit but i disconnected the call before she could go any further. another telephone scam


    By Barbra Teasley 05 Jun 2016



    By Stefanie Huston 14 May 2016

    got a call on my cell.

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