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By Laken Wright 16 Apr 2016

Exactly why calling my number

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    By Bruno nazim Baroni 06 Jun 2016

    named unknown number


    By Earl Rittman 08 Jun 2016

    received a call. no one was on the line after my answer.


    By Bud Revelle 09 May 2016

    i received the same email from mail server by a man named rang.BR BR BR its me rang i actually dint mean to inconvenience you right i made a small excursion to UK and i misplaced my passport and credit cards please i know this may sound odd but it all happened quite fast. i need to get a new passport and get on the next available flight home. I have been to the embassy they re willing to help but I'm out of cash and i have minimal access from here. can you loan me some money and ill be willing to pay you as shortly as i get residence.BR BR please reply as soon as you get this message so i may forwards the details as to where to send the funds you can attempt reaching me on this amount for now BR BR BR i await your responsible rang visaing


    By Jorquina Gonzalez 03 May 2016

    caller had accent too powerful to fully comprehend but what i could create outside Hasbro BR hello this is from the u.s. government in Washington d.c. is this j p first presumed how the heck does he understand my name and why does the u.s. government have some guy i may hardly comprehend calling me even if i could understand him... wt is really going on...BR BR i answer yes this is j p .BR BR the caller afterward gives me a brief what sounded to be sales pitch but additionally sounded serious enjoy if the FBI was calling to advise me of something ID serious i figure. i couldn't make anything out except u.s. government and when i proceeded on tell him i could not comprehend what you said and who are you and whats your reason for calling he proceeded by hanging up...


    By Georgia Difranco 02 Jun 2016

    i had a call and they asked for George .....they said it was the wrong number


    By Kayla Losey 21 Jun 2016

    no thought what these folks needed call back and got response machine


    By Paul Hunter 07 Apr 2016

    keeps calling my acreage line must be computerized call as when i response it doesn't join subsequently goes dead. number fake as says from a network unable to carry numbers.......yet another scam then.......


    By Jo Bartz 25 Jun 2016

    never left a message but keep calling so i blocked them sadly as a business do not call list is not applicable. not that it makes any difference anyways.BR BR i reached out to my senator the TV idol Richard elemental who spends more time here on TV than inside Washington doing anything. not sure why we elected him explained how many calls i get a day and multiply that by millions of businesses but he is again too busy becoming on TV to care.


    By Kristine k Juan 15 Mar 2016

    no SAP Ni


    By Monqunetta Williams 04 May 2016

    some type of claims company now using land line number that displays on your telephone so you believe it is genuine.

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