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By Lois Orey 11 Apr 2016

Inside gin bedaubing

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    By Alex Vinciguerra 06 Jul 2016

    this number is calling my house.


    By Marquita Peterson 13 Jun 2016

    believe its a scam.


    By SHELVY BARRETT 01 Jun 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By David Serley 01 Jul 2016

    simply received the same call claiming to be talk discuss could hardly comprehend him i put the phone down on him. trying to tell me i needed a new router and that my PC has errors that were being sent back to discuss talker what a load of garbage scam of some description


    By JAMES WATT 01 Jun 2016

    it's lake after hours urgent care clinics in baton rouge.


    By CAMMY TAPIA 13 Jan 2016

    calls or x each day dead sound.


    By Nancy Collister 06 Jun 2016

    these prats keep calling and claim to be either Microsoft or windows. they desire you to turn your computer on so that they can repair a difficulty for you. more likely to clear your bank account out i am becoming a whistle so they better believe twice before ringing me again. i give honest warning... i will blow it


    By STEPHEN CAIRNEY 23 Mar 2016

    i sent off for a catalogue and days before it arrived the sales calls from Seville Johnson started several times a day. i declined all of the calls emailed them to tell them i was unhappy and received no result. weeks after the calls are still continuing and I am absolutely ill of it. horrible customer service.


    By Mark Leatherman 10 Jul 2016

    i have only had an interview with someone called miles from DDS.BR BR i was asked to attend at a premier inn behind a pub. i arrived and made myself understood to the reception and was told that they used to interview within the pub but as it was close after they had to can it in the resort. there was me believing it was within a hired room but no i was asked to fill inside an program form outside whilst this miles character interviewed someone else in the hotel foyer. not really professional.BR BR when my turn came i found once i could actually get in the seat the interview was hurried and complete and as people have said he was quite evasive of probing questions. yes you are self employed yes you pay for the van yes you pay for the stock but as i was told on your second day yes you pay your own fuel costs. insurance for the van is sorted outside with the lease charge by the sound of it as are servicing costs. nothing mentioned around public liability insurance or inspections by Visa or environmental welling.BR BR the man seemed to need to sell the job to me not the other way round. i am usually quite wary of this kind of interview and so should everybody else be. you likely could create money if you worked hard long hours but not what they're quoting. you would have to sell to quite a amount of well away lazy bastards to create a good dwelling. when a business advertises jobs inside the way this one does it should ring warning bells for anyone. not professional no corporate identity in the advertising nothing of any quality what so ever.BR BR if you are out of work and desperate please use your common sense. if it searches too great then it probably is.BR BR septic.BR BR PS smiles i will not be attending your training day thank you.


    By Ricardo Zellers 07 Jun 2016

    number rang as the display has just digits it is no one i knew so did not response. it is the or time i have had this number but the first time it went to the ans er machine but no message left. Google the amount isn't helpful.BR as the amount is just being reported since February it searches like a new system to contact folks even if they're on taps.BR consider of com for help

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