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By Oliver 13 Jul 2017

Called from this number and stating it is from Landrover company I have ordered a car. Asking politely if I am happy and if they can keep my details on their database. My phone marked it as spam so I went on web to check and I have find out a lot of comments safe/unsafe.

By Ted Michalski 18 Jun 2016

Pals call me back as i attempted several times .. no answer

By CANDY SWEET 25 May 2016

Got a telephone call from this amount. the caller did not leave any message.

By Haley Perkins 05 Jan 2016

Fredrick's international debt collector.

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    By Thomas Texeira 20 May 2016

    amount is allocated to telephone services ltd.


    By Dave Szatkiewicz 21 Apr 2016

    i had a call from when i challenged what has my finance got to can with them and why are you calling from a cellular telephone amount and just who are you they argued with me i said you must think us all ignorant to discuss financial matters with the likes of you. he said i was the stupidest girl and a fin something or other and hung upward. beware of these callers


    By Talata Myass 04 May 2016

    says Batu Sahara Merriam Angolan yang Samar. Tanya Dario comb Akiva Mencken proud tankful insuring yang Menotti Sarah... DOA clap says Tripoli kebab penguin sepia comb Selma labia Dario Hun. Hagar bias plan Ni rm per month. ta pi DOA awaken rm per month unstuck sepia yang Tripoli ma cam says. BR BR pancaking lobar DOA deranging. hide hospital jam Crucial at as ta pi grange Sahara pun bole assert. says bole conceal mania hospital Trajan tau swats says teat bole promise. says skit tau Flanagan bole promise rum ah teabag bole promise. skit Kate liar Niagara pun bole assert....BR BR ta pi says Ken bu at partisan torus... DOA nark haunter policy Tu Vital rum ah says... ta pi says nark tango info online DOA clap bole ta pi DOA Tungus says Ce online... afterward says clap says Perl Masai beefier. DOA clap lag Angolan Ni Hanna skoal Sahara...BR BR subsequently says clap says tack mam nark Bayer rm per month kebab DA prohibition yak commitment yang says Perl Bayer setup Blaine... DOA Tanya Paula Apia insuring lain yang says DA amble... says clap says tack pelican insuring...BR BR bi la says clap says tack pelican insuring...DOA mu la nark ma rah...memorable Kara Ayala org pertain yang DOA bound clap pelican insuring... bending Ni pen ting... BR BR yeah...Kahlua pencil ting pun says tack mam nark tam bah lag devotion yang says Ken Bayer setup Blaine....Jedi bu at Apia says amble insuring Kahlua suit nark Meagan n ISO min yak Greta pun Ken GMAT...BR BR says tack kiss Kahlua Orange mam nark amble insuring...silken... ta pi Kahlua says scampi Apia lag says nark clap... says ya kin pad Wuhan says. Dan Kahlua Apia minimal says IT Adela Jain unstuck hid upward says.... says cu ma tidal Oahu amble insuring kebab says tack mam... IT Sahara...BR BR Gambian Paula Hagar baronage nail lag...KO's Sara hid upward smacking tong...


    By Jo ann Jackson 16 Apr 2016

    unknown number calling


    By Agnes Kobza 09 May 2016

    been getting constant calls from distinct companies attempting to sell me stuff. I've attempted calling this amount back a few times but after one ring it cuts me off. because of this i wont response call from this number until i know whom i talk to


    By Jakk Mil 18 Jun 2016

    i want who call me.


    By Dorothy Raboteaux 09 Feb 2016

    i was contacted by Marion Jones who inquired for all details of monies we had paid to various companies notably half moon holdings and also requested how considerably we had been promised for the sale of holiday club memberships.BR she said that the Spanish government had seized all the assets from this kind of business and wants to give some of it back.BR can this be true i am a bit skeptical myself. any ideas


    By Cheryl Camallieve 29 Feb 2016

    they called me


    By Stella Roussel 20 Jun 2016

    got a call from Leo Vegas wanting to entice me to activate an account. i filled in an online application but didn't go through with it so exactly why would they phone


    By Frank Bass 18 Jun 2016

    unsolicited calls

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