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By Danielle Ghaner 19 May 2016

Received a call. no one was on the line after my reply.

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    By norma morris 16 Jun 2016

    i received a call from this amount a female asked for me by name and hung upward i returned the call only to receive a express mail not sure what that was about but i would plan to research it further.


    By Lakiesha Renfro 23 Jun 2016

    hi i have a missed call on my house phone my name is Joanne Carson


    By Jennifer Chignola 25 Mar 2016

    hi i replied this call last week they said they were from the credit card centre but said the name of my bank as well so i thought it seemed legit they asked for my dob for security i said i wasn't cozy with saying it over the telephone as she rang me i didn't ring her and she said i may give u a amount to ring back if you want or i can send you a letter i said to send me a letter and she said i should receive inside the next days ha vent received anything in the post and they just called again but i have ignored it. believing of ringing my bank


    By Tommy Moffiff 02 Jun 2016



    By Richard Knigin 02 Jan 2016

    mine came from on . he had an accent but i could not tell if it was a Latino or Indian emphasis. he told me he was from some national department within dc. he told me i was one of the few to be selected to receive a grant for being a great citizen. he told me he was going to transport me to new York and the cash would be transferred right away. he said i could have the money transferred to credit card debit card bank account etc. at this point i interrupted him to ask what the name of the grant was again he told me the name but i didn't recall it and desired to Google it while we were on the telephone. i heard him rattling through papers and he said it is uh...uh...uh... and subsequently he hung up on me. i was disappointed because i was searching forwards to questioning him further.


    By Joseph Akulakowski 02 Mar 2016

    its a scam....


    By Kim Tull 05 Feb 2016

    needed to know who owns this phone amount.


    By Adam Fontaine 01 Jul 2016

    didn't reply no message left


    By Aisha Sago 22 Jun 2016

    calls me every single day and never leaves a message. when i reply they hang up.


    By Dena Felton 28 Jan 2016

    answered this call. nothing but silence.

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