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By A user 11 Jan 2017

Keep getting calls. Spammer!

By Barbara carmela Simmson previti 12 Jun 2016

I did get a call from these guys additionally times a week..Mexico is

By Sharon s Smith 07 Apr 2016

I got charged . for a minutes call. same as stealing as much as I am concerned. the call was dragged outside with no clear explanation. I'm not a pensioner or struggling for cash but the Fla did not understand this.shame on them amp the government for allowing this to continue. no uncertainty decent folk are getting ripped off with this kind of amount every day but from a gov. company it shows they attention more around money than the folks who pay their wages.

By S Dabrow 03 Feb 2016

I dint no who this number

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    By Teets James 13 Jun 2016

    no idea


    By Noella Baratta 10 Jul 2016

    harassing and aged lady of


    By Lacinda Casey 28 Jun 2016

    this was the first of two calls from the same operation. the first came from . the second came six minutes later from .BR BR received a call at on April from . caller was a male with a really hefty Arabic emphasis. i could hardly make outside what he was saying but eventually his address became clearer. he said that he was from Microsoft and was alerting me that their servers had detected malicious software action affecting my machine. he inquired me to turn on my computer. i told him it was already on. he afterward inquired me or told me something but again his emphasis was so heavy that i could not create outside what he was saying. he told me to hold on and got someone else to pick upwards the call. after a delay of a minute or marginally less someone else came on. he began with the same instruction to turn on my computer. i reiterated that it was already on. the line went quiet. the call was dropped or terminated.BR BR at the second representative called back from . he began again with the directions to turn on the machine. i told him again that it was already on. subsequently he began asking me whether something unintelligible was observable in the base left corner of my screen. i kept asking him what he was saying. about a minute or so into the call the line went silent. this call had been either terminated or dropped.BR BR since they represented themselves as Microsoft representatives i submitted a report to Microsoft using the support scam link on their contact us page.


    By Clarence Stegall 16 May 2016

    left no message


    By Maryann Puntonio 07 May 2016



    By Danielle Schmid 20 Jan 2016

    simply got a missed call from this amount.


    By Calvin Burger 10 May 2016

    a call today from this number. recorded message to say that according to the database i have not employed for the green deal.


    By Taurus Scott 27 Apr 2016

    received a phone call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By James Bennetts 01 Jun 2016

    dint recognize this amount.clear Manchester std.prob another scam claims kind Shiite call.did not reply em.


    By Candice Coburn 05 Jul 2016

    say NJ tau Almaty um kt Nebr DNA no ICC dye ..BR spew milk no NE

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