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By Austin Arrambide 28 Jun 2016

This caller claims that he is from the u.s. treasury dept and alludes to a offense being perpetrated by me. talks about a federal magistrate judge and a grand jury trial and states that we desire to help you before you get into bigger trouble with the government and we guide you to work with us. has a Indian or Pakistani emphasis. i received a ND call around minute after from . another Indian man with an accent selling the same scam story. block them.

By Bandon Bowen 19 Jun 2016

They named to make sure I've had my postal vote and to arrange a new one if i ha vent. really polite girl on the telephone named Sophie i think.

By Christopher Lechowicz 09 Jan 2016

Fed upwards with this number calling me ever day told them too take amount of there list

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    By Elisa Guzman 15 Feb 2016

    this amount has called me multiple times. i went forward and blocked it but it's still capable to leave me those same threatening voice mails. please help quit these calls


    By Jenny Malpert 07 Jul 2016

    named re injury i had years past told them to get lost i have not had an accident


    By Dorsey Turner 09 Jan 2016

    Microsoft scam. accessed my online banking and emptied my present account.


    By Daniel Knwles 14 Mar 2016

    who calls from this amount and what can they desire.


    By Manuela Trujillo 11 Jul 2016

    named left no message ha vent decided up my returned calls


    By david lavender 08 Jan 2016

    sorry i merely need to understand more around the Set Pele


    By Peter Palazola 19 May 2016

    he as dun the same but his girlfriend was my greatest teammate and shes stood by and let him rend me away and they both new this was my kids money and they took it iv got all the proof that hes ad my money and so considerably more but that man as no shame and is Avon another child with my ex greatest teammate he ant got no companies inside London or Scotland and is not allowed to see his other kid he clams to av and my ex finest mates been with him nearly two yrs and as never met him that says sum it not right and she located Davids birth certificate and hes lying around his age so if he cant rip away his girlfriends finest mate that says it all


    By Mac Macdonald 21 Jun 2016



    By John Greenly 04 Mar 2016

    yes got messages from James brown claiming there was a legal promise against me and that this was an extremely time sensitive matter. the man speaking had a hefty Indian accent. he also claimed he was from a law office and he knew the last four digits of my societal security amount... definitely he was searching for more private info.... will report to authorities tomorrow ...


    By Nikea Spires 19 Jun 2016

    its DOD parcel delivery company

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