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By Loren Hogan 06 May 2016

Multiple calls

By Fernando Bustos 31 Jan 2016

Rob caller said it was a survey.

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    By Patrick Pham 16 Jun 2016

    what country


    By Ginny Hikalea-tryon 08 Jul 2016

    if you are within Australia the amount is perhaps or or similar.... you are being contacted by a Tolstoy call centre and Tolstoy is demonstrating contrary to legislative guidelines and regulatory obligations set by ac ma an originating number that...BR BR a were did gits total and used to fill the need for more analogue mobiles when was opt us and Tolstoy prefixes.BR BR as there's a standardized digit format for all full national numbers Finn and and are not part of the numbering system inside Australian BR FSF Tolstoy.... its been years since the fantasist revised number plans were introduced...BR could you please eventually comply


    By Darnell Ramsey 20 Jun 2016

    poi spam from Germany veil dank ab er neon danker.


    By Jeremy Cochran 21 Apr 2016



    By Josh Dupert 19 Mar 2016

    one ring and telephone stopped. didn't call back.


    By RICHARD ANDRES 10 Jun 2016

    no message


    By Lori Greening 15 May 2016

    worst cold call yet caller Indian emphasis started to go into the address I have heard before around how my computer is sending outside error messages to their server etc dialog went as follows me no it instr her yes it's that is why i am calling you.BR me well you shouldn't be I am taps registered.BR her starts to duplicate conversation.BR me take this amount away your calling Lister her should i.BR me because its my private number and i dint want you calling it.BR her so what.BR me how dare you you are the rudest chilly caller I've ever spoken tor her so what do you know you going to do around OTB me PS offer finish of conversation


    By Kimberly Bockelman 06 Apr 2016

    to long says tote detail number phone Tu


    By Scherry Dixon 18 Apr 2016

    this is a cell c customer attention number who is striving to sell you new contracts


    By Matthew Lonabaugh 01 May 2016

    i have a missed call from this number composed as on my cellular telephone. no notion who it's no plans to find out. BR BR i am quite joyful to have located this website i now have the skill to check most numbers i dint recognize even before they ring away.BR BR merely wish that there was a good way to stop these calls as they're growing within number as these clowns are harder pushed than ever to locate mugs to use them for whatever they are selling.

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