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By Loren Hogan 06 May 2016

Multiple calls

By Fernando Bustos 31 Jan 2016

Rob caller said it was a survey.

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    By Bea Pike 26 May 2016

    caller claimed to be calling on behalf of the government with regards to being charged concealed charges on private and work pensions they had my name and address and my mobile no. i didn't give them any details they seem to have already. call got cut away mid dialog and i tried to call back to get name of company but it's always engaged.


    By Dante Wheatley 17 Feb 2016

    i can just presume the call is a local amount from Leeds because there's no region code used. we have had this call three times today and four yesterday fairly frankly it is becoming on our nerves. there's no one there on the odd occasion we answered it.


    By William Bernacki 26 Jun 2016

    keeps calling me begins away with i am not selling anything BR talks around asking a few questions BR dint know how they got my amount though


    By Jean Miner 07 Apr 2016

    the french wine exchangeable BR Joe Williams BR preceding Nebr no preceding names business status active business amount BR business algebra years incorporated on APR BR nation of registration abbr company Debra private limited with share capital group private limited with share capital business action activities of head offices latest accounts APR BR next accounts Debra Jan BR BR i want to complain around a business that sells wine and doesn't provide it the french wine exchange i purchased x cases of Elise client XXL en primer wines from the french wine exchange in march . since that purchase i have never been contacted by one of your brokers i have always had to contact them. the bulk of the time i have done this i have located outside that they have left the company. it would have been nice for clients to be informed of these changes. so considerably for this statement the french wine exchange is a excellent wine investment business providing excellent customer service to its clients. in may i contacted the french wine exchange to locate outside exactly why the wines i purchased were not submitted to my CB account i was told it would be done within a couple of weeks. at the end of June a stock transfer request was submitted to CB for x Elise client x. after requesting and receiving a valuation of my wines inside august i discovered that the wines volume of the wines transferred into my CB account were incorrect. i have been striving to get this difficulty resolved through among your brokers upward until i had to contact you directly for responses. you informed me that there was a error on the invoice and the Elise customer x cases didn't exist and you were having problems becoming x Elise customer x to cover my purchase. we agreed that you would refund me the total amount of my buy including the direction fee in weeks because the french wine exchange has cash flow issues. you additionally said the french wine exchange as a business were going nowhere and you would supply me with a letter of the details of our discussion around the phone. i have been striving to contact you via email and telephone calls since subsequently but have not been able to get hold on anyone at your business all your numbers go right to voice mail. i have not received my letter or my refund. if anyone reading this posting could help to provide me with Joe Williams house address i would provide you with my email address it would be considerably appreciated.


    By Chris Joiner 18 Mar 2016

    string them along with totally fake details. they are scampers from India.


    By Wayne Bill 14 Apr 2016

    sending me funny scaring texts


    By Christine Branon 12 Jan 2016



    By Nico Crust 13 Feb 2016

    please help. received call from this amount times yesterday. anyone knows who are they.BR this is from Netherlands number.


    By J.d. Thompson 30 Jun 2016

    this newsgroup is complete of reports of scampers pretending to be Microsoft. Microsoft do not ring. would you recognize the phone number as being within your own state the just time it is recognized inside a Google hunt is your own post such callers seek connection to your computer where they will bargain your info and require payment for a mend. at the end of the trade they will leave applications that lets the theft to continue.BR BR read what Microsoft say at a .Microsoft. seclusion prevent phone scams.ASPCA


    By Adedayo Adedokun 24 Apr 2016

    i got a call merely enjoy that as well.

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