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By Dexter Sylvester 26 May 2016

Track no

By William Wafer 25 May 2016

I get these calls from non res ponders daily. it's so poor i unplugged my land line telephone. thanks for posting.

By Bruce Beam 30 Mar 2016

Does a digit cellular telephone amount exist

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    By Cesar Pancorvo 19 May 2016

    not sure what the hell this was for or who it was any ideas


    By Taylor Chubb 08 Jun 2016

    metre Arnulfo am label so gar Samsung wide so fort blockader abet DA's mermen expire niche Man. DA's gaze get Set ta gen


    By Chris Harrah 10 May 2016

    calls all the time. doesn't leave any message.


    By Kendall Adelmund 06 May 2016

    keeps sending rude messages


    By Mattie Trapp 11 Jun 2016

    me Cameron Del DOA y Pym


    By Jason Mccready 11 Jun 2016

    brief call.


    By Walquidia Pena 04 May 2016

    when i answered nobody replied.


    By Herrick Muhlestein 02 Jan 2016

    has phoned several times with Bacall does not esteem that my numbers are registered on dentally.gov for several years. doesn't give feedback that dialing removes my number from their list. they should be filtering their lists with dentally.gov registries. quite annoying.


    By Anthony Parkes 23 Jun 2016

    calling my dad within India threading unnecessary


    By Liza Christopher 05 Jul 2016

    got a call from this number at today. inquired for householder by surname but when i asked which one he went into his spiel around me paying . a month to insure my sky equipment. i said i was paying . a month which i am not and that i was fairly happy with this. this confused SAM who said he could reduce my payments to .. i told him that i wasn't paying anything. he said that i told him i was paying . his first figure. i told him i was paying nothing. he got ratty and said that i had told him i was paying . but i said that was his amount. he seemed confused and hung up.

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