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By Annette Lanos 12 May 2016

Thumbs upward motion

By Tracie Quinterro 04 Apr 2016

Got a call from this amount saying that they had been awarded a amount of money to spend on house improvements for people living in my place. as if really she desired to know how old my windows were and how many were within the house and if i owned it etc. i inquired the caller a mature woman for more info around the business she was calling from. she said it was developing Scotland.co.UK. as i was sitting at the computer i go ogled the web address. no signal of any such address. when i mentioned this to the caller she immediately hung upwards on me. charming

By James Leuck 14 Feb 2016

They named left no express mail

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    By Brandi Steiner 02 Jul 2016

    received a call on my cell.


    By Aaron Struss 13 Jun 2016

    called from a business named resolve harped on about a change in the law and how they will consolidate my debts. i said i was debt free and before i could can anything they hung up on me


    By Domingo Batista 23 Apr 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller left no express message.


    By Thomas Dudycz 28 Apr 2016

    Mr. James Laramie strikes again.BR BR this guy is as popular as Paris Hilton BR surprising he will still be using the same phone number...but its not surprising that he is still going. it just takes one or two people to fall for it a month and you would be earning more than most folks would with a full time job.BR BR we should all get collectively and screw him her over. she cant be that clever...can they


    By Amanda Chwirut 27 Jun 2016

    named me on my cellular telephone call identified on my iPhone as from tr anent Scotland. was a poi claims company reminding me of my right to promise for miss sold poi and that they the business can go back years since banks and fiscal institutions cannot go back that far. not sure if authentic Scottish amount no emphasis or just masquerading. guess the latter since they appear to be located in bury.


    By luvin_mama yahoo.com Yvonna 02 Apr 2016

    got my bank statement this company took around ponds out of my account. don't have a hint who they're and how they handle to get cash outside my bank


    By Jody Grady 11 May 2016

    BR BR BR all this Ti's number is came from debt collector


    By Rich Stoneburner 11 Jul 2016

    no message left.


    By Ward Jaffe 19 Jun 2016

    this isn't sky and if it is then they need to seriously look at there customer service. i was told that i needed to affirm who i was by giving last numbers of my bank account and then they would place up a security question based on my mothers maiden name. the worrying fact is that they appear to have some sky details as i have only only joined. is there a man within sky advising an illegitimate organization of new customers i will report this to sky


    By Lacey Strader 21 May 2016


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