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By Charley Humrich 26 Feb 2016

Does anyone know who calls from this telephone amount.

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    By Dawn a Botsford 15 Jun 2016

    unknown number


    By Hansel Desousa 17 Feb 2016

    assess numb phone


    By Donnell Vanduyne 07 Apr 2016

    who is


    By gwendolyn norris 12 May 2016

    calls generally dint understand who it's. doesn't leave message.


    By Edward Tabaka 07 Jul 2016

    received calls from this amount or unknown caller within the last days generally one after the other. the worst being within a row. when i decided upwards the telephone at the start there was a man speak inside with a way eastern accent saying hello just. there was a girl within the history speaking Chinese or Thai. when i dint answer they leave hushed messages.


    By Shari Lemesany 30 Jan 2016

    unknown amount ignored. no message left.


    By Sondra Yamanaka 13 Jul 2016

    Ce numb Ester i din Ce AR.


    By JOSE CARLOS PRADO 26 May 2016

    no one said anything.


    By James Mizwicki 10 Feb 2016

    they text ed me within Bosnian and Creation


    By Laurie Ruttle 24 Mar 2016

    i went to the orange store where they denied the messages were from orange. BR i found outside on the WWW that they were so i went back to the orange store.BR they subsequently phoned orange customer services who of erred to refund me half of the cost but eventually concur to refund all of it...................they didn't. so i phoned them again a fortnight later on or or these are free numbers and got someone to look at my itemized account for my pay as i go telephone. the total cost of all the unsolicited texts were summed and he promised me i would be refunded and someone would text me. i got the refund but no apology or explanation from orange.BR are all the phone companies this crap

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