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By Denise Mcardle 13 Apr 2016

No one responded.

By Zarrin Sabouri 04 Apr 2016

Quire saber a quine pertinence Ester numeric

By Elizabeth Stultz 04 Jan 2016

Oracle business based in toerag annoying financial planning people

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    By Bonita Nance 06 Mar 2016

    i dent know


    By Bryan Arbogast 04 Feb 2016



    By Dan Gracer 18 Mar 2016

    no SE quine me es ta Mandingo mensches molested


    By JUAN HURTADO 29 Jun 2016

    got a call on .. automated call offering lottery


    By Judith Askal 15 Jan 2016

    i keep becoming calls. who is it


    By Su Zhang 12 Jul 2016

    no caller id


    By Cynthia Andre 08 May 2016

    good for you you dint understand who they're or where they are from so many villains about today I am consistently on my guard when i answer calls i dint know


    By Ingrid Frenna 17 Feb 2016

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    By J Rusk 12 Jul 2016

    got a call from this telephone amount.


    By Ronnie Nobles 16 Mar 2016

    girl with bad Asian emphasis said she was calling around my company line. i told her i was not interested and please don't call again. i afterward tried to call the amount displayed on my phone but heard the message calls to this number aren't being connected.

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