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By Immi Abrent 15 May 2016

I receive calls from this number but nobody speaks

By Amele Mal 12 May 2016

Guys named frank Dante says hes a lord from great Haywood. complete fraudster thief. but a really accomplished trickster. working outside of burble selling settees and office furniture. be really cautious with this individual.

By Larry Keyes 23 Feb 2016

The caller speak Zulu he was having a rough express he insulted me badly that's why i want to know his details or where he is from and he call in the middle of the nighttime.

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    By Brandon Hanna 03 May 2016

    i received a call from the number mentioned below.BR BR BR BR please let me understand from where this call originated from


    By Lillie Beasley 07 Jun 2016

    BR telemarketer is still a decent job and they are only making a little earning...its already a rough job BR having to create thousand of calls and with all the unpleasant yelling from recipient...BR if not interested simply nicely tell them.... esteem both ways.....


    By Dee Dukes 15 Apr 2016

    m Cameron y no SE quine es


    By ules guinn 27 Jan 2016

    no message left.


    By Sheryl Gimenez 03 Jun 2016



    By julie day 12 May 2016

    someone call me from UK to Greece and he dint speak...


    By Shirley Suhr 22 May 2016

    dint understand who this number is


    By Felicia Weatherford 29 Jun 2016

    received a few calls around the past few days. called back using and it's power energy services.BR i am with power but unclear as exactly why they are calling me. it could be because last year they tried to get me to install a bright meter but the times were inconvenient.


    By Any Hope 03 May 2016

    i don't recognize this number as i never received a call from it BR


    By Diana Liebe 04 May 2016

    somebody calling about a pension saying there has been an around payment and afterward start asking if it is a personal or work pension scheme. i

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