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By Immi Abrent 15 May 2016

I receive calls from this number but nobody speaks

By Amele Mal 12 May 2016

Guys named frank Dante says hes a lord from great Haywood. complete fraudster thief. but a really accomplished trickster. working outside of burble selling settees and office furniture. be really cautious with this individual.

By Larry Keyes 23 Feb 2016

The caller speak Zulu he was having a rough express he insulted me badly that's why i want to know his details or where he is from and he call in the middle of the nighttime.

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    By Andrew Agajewski 10 Feb 2016

    the caller did not leave a message.


    By Karen Kriesant 10 Jan 2016

    keeps calling me but i dint recognize the number.


    By Nancy Gehrke 13 May 2016

    got a call from this number. the caller left no message.


    By Karey Fegel 05 Jan 2016

    calls all the time


    By Liliana Alvidrez 19 May 2016

    anyone knows who calls from this telephone amount.


    By Pat Ruble 19 Feb 2016

    received a call from this amount. didn't recognize it so didn't response. no express email left.


    By Santiago Munez 29 May 2016

    this looks to be a large scam. they will keep harassing you. please be quite careful and dint give them any cash or credit voucher details within return for a guarantee of GB pounds for poi you never applied for. many individuals have been victims. they will take your money and will evaporate. they promise to be from ministry of justice but they are not


    By Agatha Dwiggins 13 Jun 2016

    anybody getting calls from this phone number


    By Charles Mclain 27 Apr 2016

    i had a call from when i challenged what has my finance got to do with them and are you calling from a mobile number and merely who are you they argued with me i said you must think us all stupid to discuss fiscal matters with the likes of you. he said i was the stupidest girl and a fin something or other and hung up. beware of these callers


    By Son Won 06 Jul 2016

    this amount keeps calling me

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