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By Immi Abrent 15 May 2016

I receive calls from this number but nobody speaks

By Amele Mal 12 May 2016

Guys named frank Dante says hes a lord from great Haywood. complete fraudster thief. but a really accomplished trickster. working outside of burble selling settees and office furniture. be really cautious with this individual.

By Larry Keyes 23 Feb 2016

The caller speak Zulu he was having a rough express he insulted me badly that's why i want to know his details or where he is from and he call in the middle of the nighttime.

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    By Nathan Lillo 13 Jun 2016

    I'm in California they're in Ohio hrs ahead.BR woke me upwards at am rang times and hung upwards.


    By Miochia Paul 13 Feb 2016

    keep getting these calls...noises but hang upward without speaking or inquire for someone else by name but refuse to talk to me.


    By Nancy Diment 07 May 2016



    By Todd Tabberer 06 May 2016

    maybe it hold be reported to the authorities


    By Deaundria Rowe 07 May 2016

    xx xx


    By Jacob Clefa 21 Apr 2016

    just got a missed call from this amount.


    By Amelia Gepigon 13 Jun 2016

    left nothing on the answering machine.


    By Carissa Stull 29 May 2016

    the amount named me at work.


    By Niema Brokey 05 May 2016

    no idea


    By Bobi Carter 03 May 2016

    mung kin system Astor Semarang DA Carnegie DOA parka me sin operator unstuck membranous Kit passel akin Tortuga Vital tau Ada Apia promos draped Astor Essential.. ta pi G say x skua Kahlua call Tu passel nark Jul insuring...Chihuahua Kahlua G lain x kiss Ala... say Alan jaw ab telephone Tu Sb says Svengali nark tau unstuck Tijuana Apia Angolan IT debut. say Alan angst..IT Principe say jocularly say Th participate Cm hair Ni..

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