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By Lucas Crivel 12 Feb 2016

This amount is stealing me credit of my cellphone

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    By Candace Wilkins 27 Jun 2016

    these scampers are calling from India their major victims are American Indians and other Americans they speak Gujarati language they are using magic jack telephone numbers they are located within India and have connections within USA really huge gang scammed innocent people out of millions or more dollars Marsh amp Raul Patel is the name used now while communicating with us. FBI and local authorities have found Patel individuals of Indian source and place them behind bars. more of their friends are still roaming around inside USA and in India. within order to stop this from happening USA government need support from Indian government and Gujarat government. the people of India who live in USA notably from Gujarat are the victims of their fraudulent crime. let us get collectively and help law enforcement section to solve this offense for ever.


    By Ruthann Smolen 07 Jul 2016

    Huber BR i have been billed on my last two telephone bills by Maalox pity ltd description mt Debra i have never authorized anything enjoy this to be debited to my phone.BR may this please be sorted asap as i don't like paying for so meting i know nothing around.


    By Mary Soley 10 Jul 2016

    got a really rude call from this amount at pm on Saturday night


    By Atsuko Sudoko 10 May 2016

    somebody claimed to call from pub ca but such an brief amount its strange


    By jamie baugher 12 Jun 2016

    i simply got the call as well when i decided up i was at work and couldn't talk and it sounded enjoy it was an Indian guy he said hello is this Tyson and i told him i could not discuss and he hung up


    By Cheryl Dore 03 Apr 2016

    this is a unexpected number called for two rings then hung up


    By Liz Ebert 07 Jul 2016

    had a call at . caller hung upwards on answering wonder why


    By Dave Petree 24 Apr 2016

    report these cretins her ea .org.UK


    By Rachelle Rasley 02 Jul 2016

    i get the same they ring so many times a day the when i go to answer they hang up


    By Curtis Kaiser 11 Mar 2016

    got dead atmosphere.

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