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By Josie Sadumiano 19 Mar 2016

Seal gang

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    By Tammi Caskey 18 Mar 2016

    had one yesterday no wonder they didn't leave a message.BR BR if i get a call and i dint know the amount i Google it and hey presto look what i found. becoming sick to departure people telling me i could assert for poi particularly when I have never had a loan etc. and i definitely dint want to borrow. BR BR i wouldn't waste any time or money locating who these people are.


    By Joana Tabufor 22 Feb 2016

    core...Ur case same thing happen to me. one more thing dirge Guy tau halal ha ram Cox G col n threatened me is bangs lain. MGM betel Tainan bi la dirge col n intestine Kit...kl Ada heart trouble blah Mongol Dan Cara trusted dirge Ni.


    By E Heskett 02 Jul 2016

    I'm becoming calls from this number.


    By Andrea Dutto 09 Mar 2016

    to long check shape Nam pun ya tuna number Ni .


    By Quy Dang 04 Jun 2016

    didn't reply as bulk of numbers are junk no message left.


    By Grace Sarlo 08 May 2016

    could you help me i need to understand WHO's striving to call me for three days now I'm actually going crazy


    By Nicole Spitzley 22 May 2016

    no comment


    By Brandi Bunting 28 Mar 2016

    i was contacted on this number by a market research business and was given the alternative not to take part in the survey. i was called involving a survey being done by Halifax bank relating to various present account savings interest rate scenarios. the lady interviewer had a rather strong Bradford emphasis and was also quite polite and business like. offered me a direct line contact and the number of the market research association if i needed to verify. asked for no personal or banking information


    By Gila Alter 23 Apr 2016

    I am becoming calls from this number.


    By Barbara Snyders 20 Apr 2016

    its AZ

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