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By Divina Gonzales 12 Jul 2016


By Kerri Badke 12 May 2016

texts from price me do not no exactly why and what for watch who as your telephone number

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    By Christina Lasalvia 10 Jul 2016

    unknown and not speaking anyone


    By Mohamed Hmila 31 Jan 2016

    i missed a call from this amount.


    By Patricia Vanech 12 Jun 2016

    this is a amount used by st Heller hospital within Carlton surrey.BR a relative who is a patient there rang and left a message. this amount came upwards on .


    By Daniel Kueppers 12 Apr 2016

    yes consistently. no notion who it is though been advised to block it.


    By Willie Wilkinson 24 Apr 2016

    they called my cell today and did not leave a message.


    By Maxwell Lewis 07 Mar 2016

    replied this UK mobile amount and it was someone asking for me by name foreign accent and they hung upward when i asked who they were and who they wanted to discuss to. if you put this number in Facebook it is linked to a teen boy so i do not know how this scam is working as they seem to be mirroring UK mobile numbers knowing you are more likely to reply also ensure that you cannot investigation Facebook by your cellular telephone number if you may subsequently they have your name and maybe much more


    By Brandi Rebone 14 Jul 2016

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    By Lola Robbins 09 Jun 2016

    it cant be Ada as we do not store with them. BR we received two phones call at am this morning. i just hanged up the first time but Min's after they rang back requesting to press to hear message or to reject it. after pressing button i did not receive any more calls. BR there must be a law against this annoying telephone calls.


    By Jung Gouw 07 Mar 2016

    the caller did not leave any message.


    By Peter Shaer 19 Apr 2016

    received a call from this number a few minutes past.BR BR i said hello but no reply.BR BR caller afterward hung up

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