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By Kent Haverstock 13 Jul 2016

Can i know who is this

By Austin Cahill 21 Jun 2016

Have been calling since this morning sounds enjoy different voices and they love to call and hang up

By Maria Mckane 19 May 2016

Who is this

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    By Debra Amaral-hellwig 09 Jul 2016

    dint understand who this is


    By Wyatt Hively 03 Feb 2016

    would you have anything with ADC


    By Theresa Greenisen 24 May 2016

    who is calling me they call early within the morning its absurd.


    By Cindy Batiste-zahn 09 Jun 2016

    i have been getting calls from this number.


    By Margarita Ferrer 04 Jun 2016

    i located this number within my phone diary i put it there fr a reason i dent knew exactly why


    By K Markham 07 May 2016

    someone on this amount was promotion a pug puppy free because he was emigrating to Australia and couldn't take it with him. he sent lengthy and quite convincing emails to my daughter asking her to pay the shipping charges to have the pup sent over from Dublin. when the transportation details came through there was no such company based in Ireland and the cash was to be made payable via axiom to someone in Douala Cameroon named aide Ernest niche an obvious scam


    By Roger Pagillo 15 May 2016

    called me this a.m. about my credit card and becoming the speed even reduced more as i was such a good customer knew my name credit card business asked some questions to look on my card subsequently inquired for amount. said no. phoned capital one and they said FBI is investigating cause they're scampers...beware


    By Francis Kopp 17 Mar 2016

    lotto scam


    By Chris Perrine 01 Apr 2016

    do not want anymore calls from this number


    By Angela Simper 10 Mar 2016

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