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By Greggory Roscoe 12 Jul 2016

Simply mam

By Patrick Ansah 25 Feb 2016

Does anyone understand who calls from this phone amount.

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    By Mary louise Tadey 20 Jun 2016

    simply had a call from a rude Indian guy identified himself as charlie and asked for Kenneth. i told him that i subscribed to taps and shouldn't be getting calls but he kept talking around me. he obviously misheard me as he inquired exactly why i presumed he should practice and was i a teacher surreal i told him i had said nothing of the sort and that he could not have Kenneth as he died years ago. he replied that he did not have that information and i said to delete my amount and hung up.


    By Greg Hillebrant 02 May 2016

    who call me


    By Darius Fykes 16 Apr 2016

    so now they're hiding behind mobile numbers cos who can recognize their friends mobiles youthful female was asking if i was the owner of the house for some energy grant i inquired where she had found my number and was told it was taken from the UK database so how on earth did i get on there i must have missed a couple of tick boxes during recent web site visits which allowed my amount to go through. BR yet once bitten they're logged in my CPR call blocker so i will not be talking to them again.BR now to locate UK database.


    By Rodney Cogdell 19 Mar 2016

    rang it back reply message they named around insurance will call back pare recorded message says chilly callers


    By William Vann ii 23 Mar 2016

    wondering who is that.


    By Nathan Klay 26 Feb 2016

    received a call this morning.


    By ROBERT EDELMAN 16 Jun 2016

    who is this calling me from outside of the country


    By Darren Guzman 07 Mar 2016

    fraudulent scam. don't call. i have contacted Barclay's fraud team to have the number blocked


    By Miki Katcher 31 May 2016

    i merely received a call from this number. i didn't reply. checked online to see who it was and see that it's a new number beginning to make the rounds.


    By jo dunn 10 Jul 2016

    they merely named me. did not leave any voice message.

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