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By Mildred George 23 May 2016

No one responded.

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    By Jose antonio Sandoval 22 May 2016

    had calls from this amount additionally from gave him a right mouth complete gonna blow his eras away with a whistle next time he kept telling me to close upward so i will and let the whistle do d job ah ah


    By Janice Sibley 09 Mar 2016

    who is this


    By Roshanda Lofton 28 May 2016

    they told me it was my ins business and they need info from me on my promise and they could not speak English quite good so i ask them where they got my number and they just ask me who my ins business was and again u inquire them where they got my amount but wasn't quite fine to them than and they got frightened and hung up


    By Phyllis Okuma 16 Feb 2016

    who are u u was text me to call for u urgent


    By Brandy Holliday 08 Jan 2016

    missed a call


    By Haaland Home 28 May 2016

    no message left.


    By Bruce Lewallen 17 Jun 2016

    its an automated political survey


    By Micah Blevins 11 Mar 2016

    i only got a missed call. informing around my amount has won lacks.


    By Alexia Crawford 06 May 2016

    missed call from this amount ...tried to return call. no result.


    By Nikol Winn 20 May 2016

    my ear cant hear the call or phone. can only text. u missed to me around times.BR i been con act the define. because my number and code the issue times. i am around actual.BR a the cuber stopped to my cellular telephone for world image amazing boys

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