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By jerry kiman 05 Jun 2016

VA Roeg forums dacha IMO putted Trimurti coddle PE ac est nu mar

By Judy A smith 01 Mar 2016

Its the office of Gina international welling options inside . its a welling insurance com pay for international insurances

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    By Kathryn Skuszka 01 Feb 2016

    left no message


    By Allison Hoag 10 Jul 2016

    missed all


    By Merete Lannung 07 Apr 2016

    no answer


    By Alisa Greene 25 Jun 2016

    none of this batch of numbers has ever been issued so they exist just in cyberspace so no one will call or locate them. the fraud community has caught on to this within recent weeks as will a quick scan down the latest calls list on Cm illustrate. clever small trick to support potential victims to reply their phone from seemingly a central London UK caller.BR of com within its normal wisdom amp eternal optimism has set aside for movie amp television companies to use when an actor is making a phone call bit like every number on u.s. produced film amp TV uses Ann xx xx where Ann would be n.y. or la area codes etc.BR anyway Thur some clever Hogwarts type wizardry the amount you see ain't constantly what it appears.BR for what its worth if your caller exhibit has with any digits ignore block if you may dint response it therein lies the route to grief and loss of money.


    By Pamela Pellerito 26 May 2016

    Clyde energy calls me always and i have reached my block restrict on house telephone so now added to address book as ignore


    By katrina m homes 27 Jan 2016

    unusual message via email


    By Ann Hannawacker 13 May 2016

    oops instead than advice below i should have said thanks to Michelle's guidance. thanks Michelle


    By Ellen Surrency 01 Jul 2016

    keep calling me


    By Mara Rosinger 19 Mar 2016

    dint trust him. please keep away from him. he is selling faulty cheep broken computer parts for low price.after unit is sold he didn't response the telephone...telling so many lies to selling his parts.never tell to see his put to make the cope.meet only around roads or set that way away from his house. eventually i got hes real address lower st. Andrews place Colombo Colombo. his name is vermouth Fernando. dint create a cope with this fake sellers.


    By Wanda Hattrick 22 May 2016

    i keep getting calls from this number.

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