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By Larry Dirkes 29 Apr 2016


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    By Wil Harres 22 Jan 2016

    who is this


    By Monnie Whitfield 21 Mar 2016

    they knew my name they knew address they were selling every time they rung


    By Deidre Streater 19 Jun 2016

    i answered and the caller disconnected.


    By GRACE LESCANO 25 Mar 2016

    no reply.


    By Robert Parmley 13 Jan 2016

    need more details


    By Silvia Plascencia 29 Jun 2016

    its utter BS. they are ringing me every few hours on my mobile which a. isn't in my name and b. is less than months old asking for someone that isn't me or the name on the telephone wont tell me how they got my number which is pay. the just people with my number are friends no business have this that is a separate line... I'm with no debt or credit and dint have a credit card. BR


    By Harold jr. North 28 May 2016

    have not a hint who named told me my credit score was poor and i had a lot of debts not accurate as i dint have any debts and how would they understand anyway


    By Jessica Mirabito 08 Jul 2016

    got a call re poi Tuesday Th may at pm. have told the information commissioners office obviously already ex directory and registered with telephone preference service. the icon really are useless. they still have this how did it create you feel question. i constantly tell them mad at the perpetrator and furious at the icon for doing nothing. the significant damage or substantial distress requirement has been removed now so i don t understand exactly why that question is still there.BR BR link for reporting automated recorded calibre BR a .org. texts and nuisance Carlsbad BR i keep reporting these incidents to the icon and additionally this exceptional site what way of even keeping a public record of it would there be without it


    By Lil Wyte 14 Feb 2016

    might be an incoming VIP call through gamma talcum holdings. see a .gamma.co.products


    By Marisa Niles 19 May 2016

    this number pretends to be from talk talk security and wants you to take action on a danger affecting your computer and their systems. they gave the account name and account number correctly...BR BR they're not discuss talk they're a scam and desire to hack yob BR this is phishing the attempt to acquire sensitive info such as user names passwords and credit card details and occasionally indirectly cash commonly for malicious reasons by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.BR BR report to talk discuss instantly albeit they wont do considerably. talk talk was hacked and thousands of peoples details were stolen. i guess this is what they are doing with the details.

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