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By Harvey Fung jr 06 May 2016

Who is calling

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    By Sinda Soileau 12 May 2016

    am receiving multiple calls per day from this amount around the last few weeks. no express mails being left.


    By Jenny Becenti 23 Jun 2016

    named my mobile phone.


    By Andrea Fritzsche 09 Jun 2016



    By null Hoeppel 05 Jun 2016

    I have read the above opinions and i could tell you that from what I'm hearing this company is willing to return money on refunds. I've heard of others that just wont refund and give all a run about. you should inquire the business from where they get your amount and call those guys and ensure that they dint disperse your number about if you are on taps. its greatest to cease these calls from the root where they originate from


    By Daryl Herron 28 Apr 2016

    guy named my now twice spoke poor English. call was interrupted quickly


    By Doris Carnes 08 Apr 2016

    consistently receive these insurance sale calls. annoying


    By Steven Perkett 29 Jun 2016

    named to warn my girlfriend to stay away from me


    By Inge Lynch 02 May 2016

    its obsessive I'm scared


    By Fdsbdashkfj Fjdsaklfjdksla 27 May 2016

    they called me did not say who they were and asked to talk to my dad who died around years past. i was really upset by this call and every time i call it to inquire for our amount to be removed from their directory i receive a message saying the next accessible caller will answer my call. this lasts for minutes and then the call is cut off. i want the number removed as i dint desire my mum to decide the call upwards when i am not around so she too may get upset. where do these folks get the information from we're registered with the taps too


    By Jayaram Udayakumar 09 Feb 2016

    i dint know

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