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By Fannie Iozzi 21 Mar 2016

Its a group bureau Lowell.

By Angela Generallo 03 Feb 2016

Left nothing on the answering machine.

By Tina Korn 06 Jan 2016


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    By Sherman Silvers 23 Jun 2016

    i did receive a call from this amount today afternoon claiming that they are from house office UK and they need to discuss a case filed against me in my birthplace state India and British high commission UK inside India is investigating it.he inquired me to verify the amount displayed on my cellular telephone is from dwelling office by going to gov.org and then hunt for dwelling office and see the amount inside contact us section. i confirmed it. the amount was same on house office web site. subsequently these caller started to assemble the story.... it is very serious dilemma which may finish upward you in jail or deportation from state. you are under servile till your case inside your state is not cleared. and they were keep on saying that this call is being recorded so i should work and do not hang upward and change of all digital devices around me.if i dint work or hang upward the call i will be seriously prosecuted. individual named Chris who was speaking a good English but from his emphasis he was not a British. he was in between inquired me to be on line till he connects the call to high co mission UK inside India on a convention call. another person began speaking pretending that he is investigation officer from my country. this almost took minutes and then they gradually started telling me that exactly why i didn't fill upward the sic alien registration number when i landed inside this nation within the touchdown form. this place a serious uncertainty on you about your goal and hiding your identity. they ask me to remember why i didn't feel this tips in my own landing form. i keep on saying that i dint understand what this extraterrestrial being registration number is they said that so you accept that it was merely a human mistake and not intentional. at the same time they were interrogating me for my bank details and overseas trade. additionally they mentioned that the case filed against me in my own country is around deceiving business. they need me to recall anything involving that and affirm whether i was included within anything. i was within panic a lot but was sure that it must have been some system blunder that they are suspecting me.BR the callers were approaching to the later component of play where they desire to conclude this problem by becoming a complete investigation report from my nation which will take days and till that time i have following options or provisions which i wrote on a paper for my reference.BR provision a stay in custody along with dependents til you receive a clear report from British high commission back within your state.BR provision b go back to your country and sort out the case and use freshly for visa and come back.BR provision b apology letter saying that it was individual blunder and don't do it intentionally.BR cheque to UK residence office which is non refundable.BR deposit a fiscal security which is refundable just if you do not owe any money to any financial institution or abbr individual individual or to any legal authorities when you are panic and presume that this call is authentic anyone will go with provision b which i almost said yes but inquired more about how much i have to deposit as a fiscal security. then Chris inquired other man and said to deposit . meanwhile i requested them that i desire to create a call to my brother in UK to organize the . they said Acceptable to it. but ask me to keep on line and speak just in English. i called my brother from acreage line. at the same time they appears hang up telephone it was almost an hour by this time i explained the scenario to my brother and he instantly Google around the alien registration amount and he told me that this call is a scam and attempt to hang upward. when i heard these words from my brother i was relieved and got a assurance that the callers are fake. while we having this discussion they named me again and afterward i said to them i am sorry but i have a serious uncertainty on them and would like to contact residence office now. within answer Chris said that home office wont tell you anything because its associated to security dilemma and we keep this case secret.and they said finally that if i have a doubt subsequently hang up but they will send sheriff to my house to detain me. i said yes please send sheriff i will deal with him then. thanks and i hanged up. Lola it was serious relief after reading all these scam stories. i was literally been saved by my brother before i get robbed by these fake callers. i will advice everyone not to panic if you get such call and merely hang up.


    By Eddie Schanaman 30 May 2016

    who are you and did you call me at .am


    By Charles F Oliver Jr 20 Mar 2016

    dint know who this is


    By Kim Fernando 02 May 2016

    becoming this amount on my EEO bill being charged for it dint know who it's my telephone does not ring or no text sound and goes on my bill as graphic message I've not sent


    By Bradley Steapleton 07 Jun 2016

    anyone knows who this is


    By Shermanni Jacobs 23 Feb 2016

    this number called last nighttime asking for me by my first name. claimed that i had recently used for a personal loan completely and utterly untrue . only an attempt to market a loan and a actually dodgy way to circumvent t.p.s. reporting call to t.p.s and i.c.o.


    By Terry Kokx 01 May 2016

    me es ta fastidious Ester numeric telephonic


    By Jeffrey Towle 08 Jun 2016

    this person cheated my cash. want to ensure the owners identity before reporting to the authorities.


    By Lyndsey Haddock 23 Jun 2016



    By Charisse Reeves 27 Jun 2016

    i have received a letter from a company named box clever that says i am in arrears with my payments but it doesn't truly say what these arrears are within esteem of. it gives the number of to call them around it but i am worried that this may be some type of scam letter could anyone help me with this

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