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By Roxanne M williams 11 May 2016

I dint know this number

By Katie Willmert 23 Jan 2016

Government initiative Hebrew yes all the stuff around BR astounding year trend excellent recent overstated tell me some background how you did OTB you will be representing SE Londoner this is sent outside to all heads and heads of Hasbro BR then.............BR would you enjoy to buy images and word spread for or a pages for .BR BR hoax fraud dint Nebr nonessential waste of public funds if you can it zebra BR beware oh yes he had a cold overly when he rang me ..

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    By Karen Worcester 29 Jun 2016

    i would believe folks that we really need to be actually attentive around this man ted Doyle because when you think around it ted Doyle stands to create a lot more money out of it subsequently we well and the danger here as well is that they are asking you for your credit card details and bank card details so in the finish you could end up losing a lot more to what you gained within the end and for this reason i ardently urge that you stay clear of this ted Doyle and simply block the numbers and report ted Doyle.BR BR it is not worth it people taking a opportunity or a gamble on something like this because you may finish up losing a lot more.


    By scott gwin 01 May 2016

    several calls from this amount.


    By Mcguir Munnelly 03 Mar 2016

    its an alp research call apparently. i had missed calls from them and finally called back. now I have blocked them.


    By Cindy Roudebush 30 Jun 2016

    stop calling my number


    By Racquel Rocio 02 Feb 2016

    this number keeps calling me


    By Van Thurmond 30 May 2016

    this actually actually bugs me about dishonest companies using a contest to get leads and info from customers. BR BR i work in electronics and we would the shows all the time. now people are so fearful to give a amount out. merely in case some scams them. i dint blame them with all the on selling of details i am concerned too. it makes it so much harder for the companies that do the right matter. BR BR we don't cold call i will cease the day we can that.


    By Kris Kratovil 20 May 2016

    if anyone gets a call from this amount call back on which is their freephone number. they call if they need to inspect your meters by law.


    By Shelby Roth 24 Jun 2016

    this amount keeps calling.


    By Sherrie Mueller 18 Apr 2016

    Gregg Hoff Goff


    By renata jedrey 22 Mar 2016

    i also got the call overly not only from also in ... so odd numbers. i figure they have it from BR dint waste your time to decide it upwards.

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