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By Marleen Mackenzie 15 May 2016


By Cavoli L 22 Mar 2016

Additionally called me... must be doing the rounds this morning. annoying i classroom name fearful data ml IMF

By Lorena Todd 01 Feb 2016

Calls all the time. doesn't leave any message.

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    By Aloys Gielisch 20 May 2016

    silent call with background noises so obviously a call centre for some matter or some one. i will be reporting to the taps as this should not be happening.


    By Annastacia Cowley 15 Jun 2016

    calling repeatedly


    By Candice Higginbottom 31 May 2016

    rang inquired how i was when i asked why they were calling they hung up


    By Dominique Berryhill 17 Apr 2016

    rang to tell me that i needed to open my computer as i had a virus. told them i would report it to the police and they hung upwards.


    By Joyce Sperry 12 Apr 2016

    this number appears on my mobile every morning and there's no way i can stop it.


    By Michael Keatley 25 May 2016

    that's the number for the talking clock.


    By Marilynn Adams 17 May 2016

    got calls from the amount.


    By Lindsey Remm 26 Apr 2016

    these people are pests. they might have a legal right to check businesses have licences for playing music but they don't have the right to contact individuals on private numbers and they merely will not comprehend that clubs frequently do not have premises because they are online just or just dint have an office or workplace as everything is done by volunteers inside their reserve time. they're rude uncooperative and really annoying.


    By Larlene Navor 17 Apr 2016

    i received a call from this amount at my work place and it was a female express that sounded as if she was of Indian descent. she said she was with cot updating it files. she would not give me the company name and talked over me. i inquired if she was soliciting something and she said no. again she began talking over me when i prompted to locate out what business she was calling from so i hung up stating i would not entertain these sorts of telephone calls as i have no authority to make decisions within the company. i consider this call was either a phishing try scam or solicitation.


    By Donna Splan 14 Jan 2016

    unknown caller

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