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By Alan Tuxford 14 Apr 2016

Who owns the number

By Sitaram Maharaj 10 Apr 2016

These folks phoned me now. named me by my first name and told me they had an appointment with me at am tomorrow. i told them i knew nothing about it and to get lost. beware.

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    By Quez White 29 May 2016

    unknown caller.


    By Diane Sours 24 Jan 2016

    got a call. no message left.


    By Joe Willette 28 May 2016

    who is this caller


    By Nedra Osborn 24 May 2016

    another spam caller. CID had the call come upward as Washington d.c. were on the do not call list.


    By Jorge Bernal 21 Jun 2016

    this number calls me almost daily i dint reply the call and i dint really want to phone it back because it looks overseas


    By Dawn Stabler 18 Apr 2016

    even though i am only pay as you go orange sent me a bill for a new non existing contract. i phoned this number to complain then after keeping me talking until i ran outside of patience they said i must phone another amount and was additionally given the runaround. the even inquired for my bank details which i was not ignorant enough to give. they said i had to phone a third number but i refused.my minute calls price me .. i feel a mug.


    By Hyunsuk Lee 25 May 2016

    didn't response the call as telephone amount looked odd to me. does anyone know who this is


    By Beth Oneppo 18 Feb 2016

    he she threatened me


    By Hugh Yonamine 05 Feb 2016

    now i received however another call from this amount at .BR i have been becoming a lot of calls from this precise same amount over the last few weeks but i have either missed them or as it's not a amount i know i have not bothered answering it......BR until today no messages have ever been left so i figured it could anyway not be significant or of any interest.BR this morning a message was truly left addressed to me personally by name and mentioning my company name too by someone called Amy white from Cf's Birmingham asking me to call her back giving this phone amount as her direct line.BR so i decided to do an net check for this company name and came across lots of links but with somewhat distinct telephone numbers....... i anticipate they have a lot of people operating for them and are using a cord of numbers..... BR main links refer to Cf's as a fiscal services company.BR there were additionally other references to these numbers being nuisance calibre and another web site called who phoned me where they were reported as from Cf's and referred to as competitive sales calibre to be avoided clearly.BR BR additionally on at BR additionally on at BR etc.....


    By Brandon Waters 11 Jul 2016

    i ignored the call.

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