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By Patricia Simpsom 01 Jul 2016

They call to say i win money

By Gary Ottavio 26 Jun 2016

I need know my Clara list

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    By Rudy Rigor 09 Jul 2016

    this amount named me yesterday nighttime and talked rubbish after it hung upwards... i need to know who


    By Molina Serria 22 Mar 2016

    telephone calls with no one on line when picked up.


    By Francesca a Kessler 22 May 2016

    ho la DE quine es ESE numeric DE telephone . q he ten go lambadas intervals y no SE DE quine es Poe favor dogma quine es


    By Nadine Skidmore 13 May 2016

    called this morning at eight within the morning


    By John Vidakovic 05 Feb 2016



    By Juliet Gartman 08 Mar 2016

    i also got a voice email saying it was the Homeric. it seemed unexpected as the call was made out of office numbers and not in a quite official manner.


    By Michelle Nath 02 Apr 2016

    it keeps calling and needn't no who it


    By Bart Mckelvey 02 Apr 2016

    they were speaking Arabic could it be anything to be worried about


    By Doreatha Davis 01 Jun 2016

    i live in the UK and have a stander debit card i bought some novels totaling to around from the USA on amazon.com yesterday and subsequently got this call now.BR this is a genuine call from the stander fraud department and is an automated call the first question is to confirm your name second is to support your arrival day and month they give you dates and you have to select the right one and last is to affirm your arrival year here you get no options you have to enter the right year.BR next they read outside your last transactions subsequently you will press to hear them within more detail if you did authorize these transactions you press to confirm they are Fine then you get a message thanking you for your time and they will continue to computer screen your account for suspicious action or if you did not authorize any of the last transactions you have to press .BR BR this is very great of them because i would love to know if somebody was using my card and stop them right away.BR BR they don't inquire for your address mothers name account amount card number expiry date or pin amount.


    By Delandria Williams 20 Jun 2016

    please who is this number

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