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By Archie Nix 27 Apr 2016

Scam caller around sky TV. needed bank details.... beware

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    By Todd Jamison 15 Jun 2016

    called yesterday at .. came upwards as in Manchester place. no message left


    By Mary Singletary 19 Mar 2016

    hi Vanessa glad you have had some good holidays. but for me what they tell you and the reality are too far apart for the cost you pay. i inquired outright questions on when we could take holidays and where we could go and when we and they merely lied completely about everything. the rep did all the talking and his manager Russell i believe sat there and did not quit him. they simply discount the law even told me there was no cooling away span which again was a total lie. i would have been rather joyful inside parting with my cash if i had got what i thought i was getting but when you locate outside the truth it just sets dismay bells ringing. i made a s promise through my credit card company who were amazing. grand holidays put upward a feeble defence which was essentially a signed copy of comprehension of the contract which within reality is us merely signing to say everything we heard today we understood. it was exactly because everything we were told we understood and when it turned out to be distinct i got angry. anyway we rejected their evidence and they did not put upward a fight and we got every single penny back plus interest. i suppose they manage on the basis you win some you lose some.


    By Dwight Soto 14 Apr 2016

    i receive a call from this no. may you help me find out which company is this


    By Monique Mckoy lewis 01 Jul 2016

    got a call from this amount. no message left.


    By Abner Diggs 02 Apr 2016

    i am not on the voters roll as i was continually being named for jury service . i own my own company and do not have the time to sit within a court for weeks being paid p an hour. pm is a drop in the ocean. i am busy and they organize everything for you .does your bank would that coarsen not they gamecock you at every opportunity


    By benito gonzales 23 May 2016

    who owns this telephone number


    By Dana Hollan 03 Mar 2016

    Andrew walls assertion that he will just send you these harassing text messages if he cannot contact you by standard means is an outright lie.BR BR i lately had the displeasure of being contacted by Mr wall for a dubious debt for DVD around years ago. whilst we were negotiating payment by telephone and after receiving a letter giving me a future date by which to pay i received one of these text messages saying my case has been escalated ooh.BR BR the matter is i likely would have paid upwards if i didn't receive this bloody text as i thought i was negotiating in good faith but if this is they way they can company afterward they are going to get a fight as per mi keys exceptional guidance.BR BR dint trust this guy


    By Alva Keller 15 Feb 2016

    the caller left no message.


    By Charles Duran 30 Jan 2016

    named whilst driving


    By Daniel Liles 07 Jul 2016

    who is this

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