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By Anastasia Dierna 02 Apr 2016

Very rude and keep ringing me

By Assley Mcdealer 04 Jan 2016

Scummier posting fake RV ads on grisliest. additionally uses .

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    By Sabra Cradit 01 Jun 2016

    had the same Indian guy was clearly attempting to get distant access. no manner was he from Microsoft. dint trust it full quit.


    By Cynthia Mchaha 13 Apr 2016



    By Javed Imtiaz 29 Apr 2016

    i did not response it.


    By Falconi Susan 09 Jul 2016

    simply had a man try and sell me my Australian entitlement. he was from iridium. sounds like something similar to the above opinions around reducing residence mortgage. i wanted him to make it straightforward for me to comprehend. he could not do that. i asked for his name and number but he refused. i said he had wasted minutes of my time that he had one minute left he go pissed away and hung up on me that's a first


    By laura burroughs 05 May 2016

    tack tau


    By Elizabeth Schmith 06 Jun 2016

    man from above amount said he was from the national injury helpline. i told him that i hadn't had any injury and cancelled the call.


    By Ene Herrera 09 May 2016

    i want to who s this caller


    By Tom Wiegand 14 Apr 2016

    seep Arnulfo Z glitches ob en granter umbrage.BR brief post daze Haber downfalls Mirach rewoven


    By LEORA KLAVA 26 Apr 2016

    who is this


    By Antony Ineson 24 Apr 2016


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