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By Al Cutri 07 Jun 2016

Enjoy every other amount than commences xxx this amount has not been issued for use. it's fake. best to block all that block of numbers if you can. Helen Watson and all her clones are no more than scampers using spoofed numbers.

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    By Laurel Gunter 27 Jun 2016

    got called by this number at this morning. i was annoyed that they woke me upward so i didn't response. judging by this website I'm glad i didn't. no idea where they got my amount though.


    By Karen Urban 30 Jan 2016

    WHO's amount is this


    By Timothy alan Provis 03 Jul 2016

    hi kindly let me know who was calling me an hour ago and inform me how i could help i had left my telephone in my own car


    By Lindsey Bonin 29 May 2016

    WHO's calling


    By Josue Jean 02 May 2016

    international claims support caller needed to understand if id had an accident within the last years said i didn't believe so caller subsequently desired to understand if there was any one else inside the house that drove said there was just my cat and didn't believe she drove a auto. wished me a pleasant homosexual and hung up.


    By Lloyd Haugen 17 Apr 2016

    do these individuals get your mobile phone number as i never give mine outside to anybody...


    By Sara Feathers 22 Apr 2016

    had a call from this amount that BTU has a prize of thousand and needs my attention i hang up


    By Allan Taylor 22 May 2016



    By Geoffrey Fritsch 26 Mar 2016

    quire saber pique me llama me moles ta to dos Laos Dias y cor ta


    By Albert Seeliger 22 Feb 2016

    just spoke to someone calling from this amount and he asked me around the state of my sky carton not even on sky

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