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By Al Cutri 07 Jun 2016

Enjoy every other amount than commences xxx this amount has not been issued for use. it's fake. best to block all that block of numbers if you can. Helen Watson and all her clones are no more than scampers using spoofed numbers.

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    By Zola Anderson 04 Apr 2016

    anyone else becoming calls from this telephone number


    By Favian Saldivar 17 Feb 2016

    i replied and the caller disconnected.


    By rlburns2007 charter.net Lisa 28 Mar 2016

    hi how are you


    By Gabriel Secundino 28 Jun 2016

    well that helped classroom name shout information ml IMF


    By Anquiette Johnson 19 Apr 2016

    i have merely had arms sage left on my answerphone from as antis credit saying call back urgently on i don't owe anyone money and have not had any letters do i ring them backbit your advice would be appreciated thanks


    By Flores Vilma 04 May 2016

    of class you may ignore them. link are debt collectors and they buy debts. if you don't have any verbal contact with them in years of them first contacting you subsequently they have to right off the debt. i did this with Robinson way etc.


    By Leonid Girsh 11 Feb 2016

    got calls from this amount this morning saying they were discuss talk. my number is ex directory. i never give it out only my cellular telephone. so how did they get it


    By Roscoe Case 04 Jul 2016

    keeps calling


    By E Alvarez 16 May 2016

    keeps calling


    By Kristen Mcwhorter 03 May 2016

    named at on . gabbled recorded message about claims subsequently press to assert press if already claimed or to prevent further calls. I've had a similar call from Swansea but from a different number stake its the same pests these individuals are becoming a nuisance

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