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By Monica Mabry 10 Jun 2016

We received a call from this number yesterday.

By Kelly Kreissle 11 Mar 2016

Striving to locate out who owns this phone amount.

By J maris Jackson 05 Mar 2016

An overseas call centre attempting to make you consider they are within the Birmingham region. could you block the calls to get a bit of peace

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    By Dameon Abraham 19 May 2016

    one matter folks need to understand is that these companies are nothing but scum.BR they will not stop calling you even if you tell them that you are not the person they're looking for.BR BR did you understand that after a while the banks and credit card companies write off the debts individuals have made on their accountable BR well they can and they sell them on to these companies for as small as a pound. so you have these debt group companies buying thousands of pounds worth of arrears for a British pound so if they will get anyone to cough upwards and create payments towards it that makes them a maxim gain hence exactly why you re becoming calls like times a day and when even you tell them that you re not so and so that they're searching for they continue the calls they need that cash by any means.BR BR even when they lie and say to you that they will take your details off their list they continue the calls and sometimes send letters out to your home.BR BR now when they say they will send someone to your house dint be frightened or worried. no one is allowed on your property without an appointment. the law states this so if someone did turn up from these scum companies to your dwelling you tell them to do Nebr BR if anyone has a bright phone please download one of the many free call block apps there are onto your telephone. they will give you peace of mind as the just calls that you will get are the calls from folks within your phone novel.BR BR understand your rights and dint let these scum intimidate you


    By Don Ruffin 07 May 2016

    said they were from student loans


    By Alex Ostrowski 03 Jul 2016

    this number persists in calling and is making a nuisance of themselves


    By aswan holmes 08 Apr 2016

    eBay scummier with fake identity offering occupation to work listing adds on eBay.


    By Angel Vinup 05 Jan 2016

    caller id said Robert gridiron left no message


    By Karen Dlugos 10 Jul 2016

    probably prank call


    By Nilda Lleras 26 May 2016

    this is a scam caller never give them details or send them money even they have some tips around you what looks accurate if you desire to create sure around merely call your bank or so to inquire around this dint give for this individuals any information


    By Connie Nooks 23 May 2016

    calls all the time. doesn't leave any message.


    By Shaquilla Jenkins 10 Jul 2016

    recorded message received on about poi. attempted calling number but got the number you have dial led has not been recognized.... etc.


    By Juel Edwards 24 May 2016

    hi Paul Moore here previously of manor grew and now with Montevideo partners. i have decided as it is probably a given i am going to be doing some time for all my wrongs ripping of exposed folks i though i may as well release my number and let my victims have their say. so please feel free to call me any time and tell me how you feel

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