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By Tina Witte 05 Jul 2016

Quire saber a quine pertinence Ester numeric

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    By Ken Krasowski 02 Jun 2016

    why did he call me


    By Jim Vermillion 06 Jul 2016

    who is this number that's days that call me


    By Tina Isaacs 06 Mar 2016

    this is the amount given by some scam frighten ware that popped upwards in my own browser. if you get a message telling you that you have a virus and to call this amount instantaneously afterward its a scam


    By Martina Autry 30 Jun 2016

    calls at least every other day.


    By Monica anne Pottschmidt 09 May 2016

    called but left no message


    By Chris Antala 13 Feb 2016

    this company called at about .pm. it sounded enjoy a geode. i inquired him to furnish his phone amount and he asked me why i explained that i needed to know the phone number and business name of all chilly callers. he supplied me with this info and i politely told him i did not need to reply any questions for a survey. i am fed up to the back teeth of these chilly callers. i note that one remark posted said that they got the numbers from a charity and he was told after being pressed that the charity was Macmillan cancer research and this specific man had no association with them. i personally can provide by direct debit each month to Macmillan cancer research as i have had many family members pass away with this awful disorder. i expect my amount has not been passed on by this charity as i am sure that it will place the backs upwards of many individuals who give to this charity. this company needs to have a strong word in their ear


    By Carmel Gutierrez 13 Mar 2016

    a very pushy double glazing salesman adamant that we had inquired him to call and give us a quote whilst he was in our region. simply wouldn't accept we're not interested and ha vent asked you to call so was told to go away a little more plainly within language he could understand and i put the telephone down


    By J Mulvanny 01 Jul 2016

    phishing scam. offering high restrict low repayment credit card.


    By Gary Soreide 27 Apr 2016

    no answer


    By John f Frost 17 Jun 2016

    early morning

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