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By Rendrick Robinson 11 Apr 2016

Multiple phone calls

By Phyllis Martinelli 16 Mar 2016

Accident claims business.BR BR they told me that i was inside an accident back within to which i said it was actually they argued a while and said nope it was definitely . after a while i said i was lying as i truly never had an injury which actually upset the caller who told me it was against the law to lie and why was i doing this. to which i replied its against the law to have wrong records on a matter under information protection act.BR BR he then hung up.

By Jennifer Fernandez-cruz 22 Jan 2016

Appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.

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    By Alex Hitch 07 Jun 2016

    named me x despite me asking them to remove my amount. they attempt to bluff their manner so you consider they are your insurance business my caller said she was inside charge of closing my claim. utter rubbish


    By Glades Nancy 13 Jul 2016

    the company is sellouts owned by Gary Penney who additionally owns sell your jam jar.BR you may telephone them and complain directly on or


    By Allen Strainic 19 Mar 2016

    well it wasn't a bad message or anything of that sort. it was a wonderful joyful new year image sent via whats program. but i have no thought who sent it and i am unable to answer.


    By Tonya Mcculllum 10 Apr 2016

    missed call


    By Glenda Salley 29 Apr 2016

    picked up no answer only a long beep. spam call.


    By Denise Maracchion 24 Mar 2016

    cold sales call despite being taps registered. when i asked for there name and address was told residence energy systems st. johns house cloches road chemist cm EU. they said they had no contact amount and no website. when i asked for manager individual i was transferred to prevented not to hear me. may not locate this firm or address on Google. i suggest you blacklist this number.


    By Robert Mondavi 04 Jan 2016

    received a phone call. no message left.


    By Kathy Favre 16 Jan 2016

    this amount belongs to a business who say they're called share pressure high court enforcement. i believe this is a posh name for debt collectors


    By Jay Gnadinger 06 Jun 2016

    another number left a Sims and asked to call this amount and addressed it with my name.BR message says xxx is sang at pencil ting mangle says Semarang septa.BR terrifying...


    By Adam Rieckert 25 Jun 2016

    oh sounds like you work for them . . .

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