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By Rendrick Robinson 11 Apr 2016

Multiple phone calls

By Phyllis Martinelli 16 Mar 2016

Accident claims business.BR BR they told me that i was inside an accident back within to which i said it was actually they argued a while and said nope it was definitely . after a while i said i was lying as i truly never had an injury which actually upset the caller who told me it was against the law to lie and why was i doing this. to which i replied its against the law to have wrong records on a matter under information protection act.BR BR he then hung up.

By Jennifer Fernandez-cruz 22 Jan 2016

Appears as a missed call on my telephone at work.

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    By Royce Parkton 07 May 2016

    scamming competitive thug owned auto dealership in abrade. avert.


    By Ron Hulse 18 May 2016

    on benefit of radon


    By Juantina Owens 29 May 2016

    who the Fox is this named times during the night


    By Matt Mazzaroli 02 Jun 2016

    got a call yesterday.


    By Nathan wayne Shaw 24 Jun 2016

    calls threatening family members says his name is john Steele and that i will be arrested for fraud now.


    By Jon Eisnor 30 Jun 2016

    who is using this number


    By Katrina Priests 04 Feb 2016

    call re legal promise from a auto accident which i ha vent had inside the last two and a half years.


    By Rochelle Bourgeois 16 May 2016

    what are they scamming


    By Alfredo East meadow 20 Apr 2016

    i need who call me


    By C Zofcin 11 Jul 2016

    quite interesting. read through this newsgroup too and there appears to be a banners agent business ltd in the NW of the UK run by a Mr Barry Costello moneylender BR so i looked for a Panza regulator and guessed that the Panza disciplinary tribunal referred to as the PDT must exist but to no avail and the oft had never heard of them either. drew a blank.BR BR afterward i rang banners broker to inquire but the phone was slammed down when i asked about the PDT and Mr Barry Costello Moselle so i dew a blank there overly.BR BR nevertheless the solicitors disciplinary tribunal referred to as the STD does hold a record for someone in the NW of the Akbar BR Barry Luke Damian younger PD abbr case reference BR full name Barry Luke Damian younger allegation kind breaches customer money failures others solicitors accounts rules result hit offer BR forename and date of arrival fit and Barry is recorded as having shifted his name from Barry Luke Damian youthful to Barry Costello moneylender BR begs the question exactly why didn't Bib would some due diligence when Barry has been plastered all over the web not least inside this newsgroup with both names linked. inept or is this Bib and terry stern looking for a fall man with a record of dishonesty to hang a million shortfall on off shore.. Belize Seychelles Gibraltar BR i believe it's high time the Panza disciplinary tribunal was established to bring these rogues to task.BR BR the official regulators appear completely disinterested. BR BR oh and someone else included inside BB UK has gone away the radar of late.

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