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By Chandra Narayanan 14 Jun 2016

When i replied nobody replied.

By Jack Bernstein 11 Feb 2016

This number keeps calling me

By Kimberly Bancewicz 23 Jan 2016

Microsoft security department scam. dint fall for it.

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    By Steven Montross 08 May 2016

    got calls


    By Sara Skirvin 11 May 2016

    i had a call from this number didn't response it then received a express mail saying it was o and to contact the amount for o about address details.BR BR i located that little odd as you wouldn't get a caller id number if it was from o.


    By Nick Craw 19 Mar 2016

    hello you called


    By Din Guler 25 Mar 2016

    what id enjoy to know is how the hell did they get my dwelling and cellular telephone amount the residence one isn't even in my own name its in my mums BR I am under so i wouldn't have thought to fuss around signing upward for anything for those hotels Cox no doubt the yd need credit card details n all that and iv never stayed there so i dint understand how the hell they got my details and they addressed me by my nick name Loyd which i never place on any proper forms BR sounds a bit overly great to be true i think but the yr going to call me back again this week they said because i just said i dint have the money for it at the minute so they said they can wait till i can n keep calling back


    By F Najjar 30 Jan 2016

    nuisance spam business with crappy telemarketers that discuss around the top of you when you ask to be added to their no call list. had to hang upward on him. tried to create outside i was the rude one by being sickly sweet and refusing to listen to me despite my really clear annoyance at all the freaking calls. says they named from a company named


    By Gabrielle Centanni 22 Feb 2016



    By John Levardi 25 Feb 2016

    constantly calls


    By Sandra Palmiter 27 Apr 2016

    i have received numerous Sims messages on my BTU line that seemingly originate from asking for Mr Jackson not my name or the name of anyone who has ever lived at my address requesting me to ring and quote reference .BR i have not replied to this number and am becoming fed upwards with these messages.BR the Sims message says the company is is sounds like scales or scale or similar and is .co.UK.BR has anyone received similar harassment from this number. NB numbers even from BTU lines aren't free so i consider.


    By Vicki Ramsey 16 May 2016

    this is a individual called Jim glamour and his business is registered as house select bathrooms with addressable Jim Gilmore residence select bathrooms bath road Glasgow g grebe tel BR mobile BR BR he used to use a mobile when gone by the name of Jim gill on you could read reviews from preceding customers for this telephone number.BR BR i located great reviews around his work on rated folks and that was the chief reason for hiring him. i took him to renovate my bathrooms and inside the Th weak now the first one has not been finished. he finds a lot of excuses not to can a job most present is a fire within the adjacent storage unit. i would advocate people do not deal with this man or his business. the man is unstable novel of excuses and cant deal with problems without becoming aggressive on the brink of a breakdown. a really frustrating and time wasting process.


    By Sara Kenan 21 Apr 2016

    this number named several times.

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