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By Ellen ann Mersereau 27 Jun 2016

I believe it is disgusting that the Fla use this number and also both of which price me pence a minute . dint they create enough outside of me with the road tax i am a pensioner and resent paying this amount . i need an official result to this from Fla so please be kind enough to forward this on to someone senior there for their immediate result my name is as shown . my phone amount is . thank you quite much

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    By Gerald Sovinski 13 Feb 2016

    had a call from these folks automated message i gave them the reference amount they nearly neglected to leave on my answer machine. when i named them i used the number on their web page instead than paying the dumb rate on the numbers. spoke to a nice sounding woman she asked me to confirm my details i refused and said i have had this amount my phone for over years there was no name left on my answerphone. she started spouting info protection re gs at me so instead than arguing with her. i said compose to me afterward and hung upward.BR i never seem to get any letters wonder exactly why perhaps its their databases that are not fit for purpose exact or appropriate something the dopa requires of these companies.


    By Gene Maltbia 30 May 2016

    got recorded message re poi. hung up.


    By David Dahlkamp 11 Apr 2016

    got a call off this number i missed it rang back and they said good bye putting telephone down on me.


    By wade clark 03 May 2016

    this merely named inside Cincinnati oh at pm est now. didn't reply because i figured it was a sales type call. located this website and happy i didn't reply.


    By Jason Groce 11 Apr 2016

    who is calibre


    By Walter Alberto 12 May 2016

    strange amount to seem on my phone and of class no one left a message. what s this


    By Dwayne Oxendine 22 Jun 2016

    said i took outside a loan between the year and told him to listen to me and cease reading the script. who was the business that i had taken a loan out with he told me he would phone back. he did this instantaneously and started reading the script again i halted him for a second time and told him i had never taken a loan outside with anyone. i would certainly recall the amount of if i had


    By Rolf Straubhaar 02 May 2016

    i always receive calls from this amount they end the call before i have time to answer and never leave a message so i just blow off it now..


    By Fatia Dia 11 Apr 2016

    does any one understand who this number belongs too. i believe it may came from abroad although a few seconds after my cellular telephone went away with a distinct amount a business which was a pension reviewer. not sure if they are connected. the amount on my phone came upward as . my reply machine asks for a name and amount but no message was left. wonder if the caller was a machine. clever stuff.


    By Alex Ferraro 05 Jul 2016

    Dario Man Ni

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